Monday, July 7, 2014

BotCon 2014 Custom Class Primal Prime

Hey all! Have you ever built your own Transformer? I had the grand time of actually being able to. In June I attended BotCon in Pasadena, Ca and as part of my trip, on Thursday I attended the Custom Class. Fun Publications provides you with everything you need to build your own figure. Take a look after the jump for a look at what transpired and the results of all my hard work.

Bright and early on Thursday the class began. At my table I found an assortment of tools they provided for us, as a painter and hobby modeler, I did bring my own tools and paints. We were also provided with a spiral bound set assembly instructions, a paint color guide, and stickers.

Inside the assembly instructions, was a Tech-Spec for the character we were building, Primal Prime, leader of his Universe's version of the Wreckers. There were also excerpts from Primal Prime's War Journals.

Once we were situated, everyone started getting ready; unbagging tools, getting paints ready, and organizing. Once organized, they started handing out the packages with the figure and parts. The plates they gave us were labelled, each letter corresponding to a different part of the figure. So, I had to start snipping and cleaning and sorting.

While we were assembling and painting away, they had a finished figure on display along with his team of Wreckers.

After I got the major pieces assembled I started painting. The original Primal Prime was a repaint of the Beast Wars Transmetal 2 Optimal Optimus...

  ... a very red, white, and blue color scheme was in order.

The mold they provided us was the 10th Anniversary Optimus Primal from Beast Wars. The mold was re-used to create the Cybertron toy line's Jungle Planet Optimus Prime. I had to choose where my red, white, and blue... along with whatever mechanical bits I wanted to paint... would go.

As an aside... the mold was used again for one of the BotCon souvenir figures; this time paying homage to a previous BotCon exclusive, BotCon 2000's ApeLinq.

While I didn't finish painting my figure in the time allotted (830a to 4p), I was able to get his major parts assembled and a lot of the base coat painting done. After I got home I took the time to actually finish him up.

I also wound up purchasing a second, already assembled version of the figure that I'm going to leave unpainted. Most of the figure was molded in red, white, and transparent red with a few blue parts. I decided on a few metallic areas, those being the obviously mechanical bits, and blue for the fur bits as a contrast.

I pulled the original mold of Optimus Primal off the shelf; along with ApeLinq from the souvenir set.

... and Bot-mode...

Paying homage to Beast Wars Season 2 Transmetal Optimus Primal and his hover-board, the 10th Anniversary mold came with a board as well. This continued with Primal Prime and ApeLinq.

The board comes with a Cyber-Key... the gimmick that was used in the Cybertron toy line. ApeLinq came with a vac-chromed key with the Knights of Cybertron brand on it. Primal Prime came with a clear blue key that I painted silver onto and used the Wreckers brand from the sticker sheet provided. I left the board in it's natural silver/grey color. Though I did paint some of the detail in silver, I didn't apply any of the stickers that were provided.

The most surprising feature of the mold turned out to be in the figure's chest. Apparently, the original mold had this and no one ever really noticed. As a throwback to Beast Machines and Optimus Primal coming into contact with the Key to Vector Sigma, the figure actually has the Key molded into it. I took a lot of care in painting the key to help it stand out.

Overall, this was a great experience. I actually got to build a transformer from the ground up and paint it in the colors I wanted. And not just any Transformer, I got to build a version of one of my favorite characters, Optimus Prime. If you ever manage to get to a BotCon, try and sign up for the Custom Figure class. Even though they have 2 classes over 2 days, it fills up quick. It's definitely something I'm going to aim for again next year.

Primal Prime and Apelinq up on the Beast Prime shelf where they belong

Words, assembly, paint, and pride by Scion of Primus.