Thursday, January 2, 2014

DC Infinite Earths - Superboy (Conner Kent)

DC Universe Classics is dead.  Sadly, so dead.  This year will bury the magic the The Four Horsemen brought us.  Quarterly figures and a tease of a Doomsday will finalize all the line.  This is truly the death of a line...  (insert GI Joe forum joke here).  But seriously it is...  Mattel DC is dead.  DEAD!

Superboy popped up on eBay from some Chinese based seller and I bit.  Weak as I am, this is a decent figure.  I think I like the head sculpt on the Young Justice figure a little more...  Damn, now I need another.  I won't get into articulation and such as DC Universe Classics is a dead thing and there is nothing new here.  Consider this a sneak peek to a upcoming release!


Pics and Superboy words by Jason