Thursday, January 2, 2014

Black Cat - Amazing Spider-Man 2 Marvel Legends Infinite

Hot on the heels of the Captain America Infinite series is the Amazing Spider-Man 2 inspired Legends series, and Hasbro is certainly kicking off 2014 in a fantastic Marvel Legends way.  Felicia Hardy joins the updated Hasbro Marvel Legends in a hugely busty fashion.

Target has been getting this case of Spider-Man Legends.  If you are lucky enough that your Target reset action figures, you should find them on the shelf.  Most Targets have a "street date" of January 5th on these when they pull it up on their PDA, but it is a targeted reset date not a hard street date from Hasbro.  If you are charming enough, you may be able to get them to go and look in the staging area for the case.  The Target DPCI is 087-06-2568.  The price check stations will not show them in stock even if they have them (the staging area shows them as being on the floor).  Go to customer service or find someone with a PDA.  Rumor is TRU has also been getting these and the CA Legends, but I have not seen them in NorCal.

The packaging follows the style of the Captain America Legends, and they are sharp.  To differentiate between the two lines, the Spider-Man packaging is predominately red where CA is blue.  (Hasbro also made sure to tape the tabs on these packages unlike the CA figures.)  Black Cat is one of the three swap figures.  In the next assortment, we expect to have Spider-Girl (Anya Corazon) instead of Felicia.  If you haven't been the reading Marvel NOW! titles, Anya is currently featured in Avengers Assemble with Jessica Drew and Natasha Romanov: The Spider Ladies.

To be honest, I think the fan boy in all of us sculpted this figure.  Full bodied and straight out of the comic long box, The busty Black Cat is hard to pose due to her Emma Frost shared high heels.  You will need some kind of figure stand or "flying" stand to pose your figure (like the obitsu one I used in the review pics).  All in all, this is a fantastic figure and well executed.  Fun, exciting, and well needed for the Spider-Verse'd Marvel Legends shelves we all have.

Felicia is packed with the torso of the Ultimate Green Goblin which uses the body of the Walmart exclusive Avenger Movie Hulk.  She is packed with her cat claw whip as her accessory, but I don't think anyone will complain of her lack of "accessories"...  Meow?

Articulation is sufficient even if her balance is not!



Pics and Cat Scratch Fever by Jason