Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Yet Another Matty Fail

It seems that no matter how busy I am, I'm never too busy for a good ol' fashioned Matty/Digital River failure rant. As with most corporations, Matty has been hyping their Cyber Monday sales for weeks, with deals we all will think are too good to be true. Well, whatever the reason, apparently this sale was indeed too good to be true. Six hours of "flash sale items every hour" magically stopped two hours early, leaving everyone holding a big bag of WTF. 

As usual, the speculation ran high about what Matty would be offering for their big Cyber Monday bash. Could it be that hidden stash of Horde Troopers? Maybe a cache of overlooked Ram-Man figures? Nah. Instead we got treats like Sy-Klone, for a small discount that (especially with DR shipping costs) still put him over the going price on eBay. Even a $10 Battleground Teela didn't seem to be enough to get most collectors to bite.

Lack of exciting product aside, we were told that the "flash sale items" would be coming every hour from 9am-2pm Pacific. Well, it started out ok. Starting a few minutes after 9am, new products were getting added (loosely) near the top of the hour until noon. Then it just remained all the same stale product throughout the afternoon and evening. 

I went to double-check to be sure I wasn't remembering wrong, and sure enough the news page is still announcing 6 hours of "flash" fun. Well unless they take it down, you can see the news page for yourself here. In case they do take it down, you can read it yourself right here:

Anyway I read it, I can only take it to mean that every hour, there will be something different between 9am and 2pm Pacific Daylight Time. Too bad the changes stopped at noon. Like many, I kept holding out for something good to be added to the sale, so I could add some of the stuff I was lukewarm about to my cart to try to justify spending $15+ on shipping. It never happened. Instead, the only thing I walked away with was a renewed sense of disappointment with Matty.