Sunday, December 1, 2013

NECA Pacific Rim 18" Gipsy Danger

Hey guys.  Sorry things have been quiet on the case lately.  Life has been crazy these past few months.  I'm going to make up for that now with a giant review and photo gallery of a giant freaking action figure:  NECA's badass 18-inch Gipsy Danger.  See you in the drift.

The 18" Gipsy Danger comes in a giant window-box, adorned with Pacific Rim movie inspired design elements.  It does a fantastic job of showcasing the figure.  It looks nice.  I almost felt bad about opening it.  Almost.

First impressions out of the box:  This figure is freaking massive, and freaking awesome.  Admittedly, as much as I love NECA, I've never been that interested in their 18" figures.  They look great, but a little too big for my tastes.  Well, when the figure is of a giant freaking robot, anything less than a foot and half seems too small.  I like the 7" Pacific Rim line that NECA has been selling, but after adding this behemoth to my collection, they just don't seem nearly as impressive.

The sculpting detail on this figure is outstanding, and completely blows away the smaller scale counterpart.  Every piece of the giant robot features a ton of mechanical detail.  I'm sure NECA used the CGI model as reference, but that makes it no less impressive.  This figure looks like an exact copy of the on-screen Jaeger. 

The paint detail also puts the smaller 7-inch figure to shame.  The body panels are the perfect shade of blue, the mechanical parts are a nice dry-brushed metallic, the panel lines all feature a dark-wash that really brings out the detail, the smaller details like the red and white stripes are all perfectly lined up and applied, and the figure features some great looking battle damage (without going overboard) with neatly applied silver scratches and dings.  The minor details, like the woman painted on the chest panel, really add to the level of authenticity.

The articulation on this figure mirrors its 7" counterpart, but it works much better.  The larger size allows for a better range of motion in many of the joints.  That lets you get Gipsy into many more poses than the smaller version.  Unfortunately, the large size and weight of the figure, as well as the top-heavy design of the Jaeger, also mean you need to be somewhat cautious with posing, though.  I did have the figure topple over on me a couple times while posing for these photos.  The figure features a ball jointed head, wrists and torso, ball-hinged shoulders, swivel-hinged hips, and hinges at the elbows, knees, ankles and heels.

Gipsy includes two chain-swords, which can plug into each forearm.  The swords represent the way they looked while being deployed, rather than once the "chain" links tightened together into a more solid blade.  Despite that minor inaccuracy, they still look sharp.  Heh.  They're also dry-brushed metallic.  Unfortunately, and this may just be a problem on mine, one of the forearm slots (the left one) is too narrow for either sword to comfortably plug into.  So my Gipsy Danger will just be wielding a sword on his right arm.

The light-up feature is also pretty cool.  The chest-reactor glows orange, and there's a small white LED on the forehead.  Both are activated by a small button between the shoulder blades, and the batteries are neatly hidden in a compartment that blends into the spine.  Sound effects would have also been welcome, but not a deal breaker.  The lights look good and add one more layer of authenticity to an already excellent figure.

So bottom line, this figure rocks.  Pacific Rim has been my favorite movie of the year, and this has quickly become one of my favorite toys of the year.  Maybe even THE favorite.  If you are a fan of giant robots, especially of the mecha variety, or the "vs. giant monsters" variety, you should probably clear off a large space on a display shelf for him.  Just make sure it has at least 18 inches of height clearance, because this guy really is massive.  More so than these photos convey, though these comparison shots with the 7" Gipsy Danger should give you an idea.  This figure quickly pre-sold out everywhere when he first went up, and then shot up in price on the secondary market, but luckily, NECA recently announced a second production run, currently available on BBTS for pre-order, due out in a few months.  

We've got an 18" Knifehead Kaiju for Gipsy to battle coming next year (also already pre-sold out on BBTS) which was briefly shown at Comic Con this year, but I want more.  Unlikely as it may be, I really wish NECA would do all the major Jaegers and Kaiju in this scale.  I would buy EVERY.  SINGLE.  ONE of them.  Your move, NECA.

Words, photos, and Kaiju-slicing by Zak.