Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Let's talk about flying... stands.

Flying stands.  If you want them, they can be a little frustrating to research.  At least it was for me.  I found a few that I like.  Let's get a little dirty and find out which made me happy.

KG Hobby Doll stand:

This stand is fairly basic.  All it is is a base and a post with two sized clips.  It is fantastic for the hovering figure look.  You can order 5 for around $24 shipped on eBay.

 Tamashii Act 5 for Mechanics:

Tamashii has a wide variety of stands for a huge amount of purposes.  You get three stands per box and the Act 5 are modular and little links are included to lock the stands together.  The tapered design on the base creates a nice look when linked up.


Each stand has two different options for the clamp: a smaller angular clamp and a larger rounded clamp.  For the figures, I found the round ones to be most appropriate.  They were quick to set up and required no tools.  If you don't need a lot of height, this is a great stand option for the price.  Around $16 shipped with Amazon Prime.

Obitsu Multi Stand:

The Obitsu body stand can be used for a few purposes.  You can use them to help those larger dolls to stand like Barbie, GI Joe or Monster High.  Or for an action figure collector, they can make your figures fly! (not literally.. c'mon now!) It comes in multiple colors from clear to clear blue.  I chose this smokey black as clear wasn't available at the same price point.

This stand was the most universal and the most configurable of the stands I tried.  The biggest downside?  When assembling the stand, you will need a small screwdriver and about 5 minutes.  You also must have an idea of what its purpose is going to be: height, figure size, etc.

 The kits comes with three different sized clamps (you can assemble and use two), three height bars (you can use all three if you like), and two pins to use instead of clamps.  I used the pin to have Supes fly.  It worked really nice under his cape.

You can find these stands for sale on Hobby Link Japan, eBay, and Amazon.  I bought 3 for around $24 shipped on eBay.

Mattel 1.0 Flying stand:

This is not the best option.  What you get is a solid stable adequate flying stand without a large height increase.  It comes with three sized clamps.  I have quite a few of these and they work.  While not available any more the slightly improved Flying Stands 2.0 are available on Mattycollector's site: Flying stands 2.0.  But at $15 plus shipping for two, save your money for the Obitsu or the Tamashii stands.


Pics and words by Jason.