Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Marvel Legends: Marvel Unlimited Plus Exclusive Gold Ultron

When Marvel Unlimited Plus offered a Gold Ultron, I jumped on it.  Granted I already bought a subscription at SDCC while they were offering the Old Man Logan figure and Plus offered an upgrade option for current subscription holders.  I don't think I would have paid the $99 for just the subscription and one figure.  Gold Ultron wasn't something I would pass up.
I was surprised how quickly Ultron arrived!  According to my super awesome membership card, I subscribed on 8-27-2013, and yet it arrived today.  Dang, that was fast!

Included in the membership bonus package is a cute comics box, a variant cover of Age of Ultron #10, and Gold Ultron.  I was disappointed and surprised that he wasn't carded.

As we have already reviewed Ultron here: Iron Man Legends: Ultron, I won't bore you with a recap of the figure.  However since the deco is different, the following pics should highlight the paint apps for you.  So behold the might of the Plus membership!

If you want in on the deal, click here!  Marvel Unlimited Plus

By Jason


  1. Would anyone happen to know when Wave 3 of the IM3 line hits stores? Or the Jubilee series? I know the Wolverine is expected for October--but I can't find anything on the others.

    1. According to the cards next to the figures at SDCC, wave 3 of IM3 Legends is due in November, and the Jubilee wave is TBD. Check the photos here:

  2. I am going to give you guys a shout out on my flickr and youtube! I feel you put so much time and effort into your photos and writing. You really need more popularity! I know everyone will love the humor you add in and the effort to actually show us good poses and what we will get beyond the plastic! You stay true to your motto "We're Awesome!"

  3. I agree--you guys are pretty awesome. But when are the new Marvel Legends reviews coming? For the Wolverine Series I mean. I need to know if I should get an Emma Frost or noooooooot.

  4. Thanks for the love guys, sorry it's been so quiet around here lately. I've got the Wolvie legends figures ready to review, it's just been tough trying to find time to work on them lately. Will start knocking them out this week. Short answer: Yes, you should get an Emma Frost if you haven't already.

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