Sunday, September 1, 2013

Batman Unlimited: Beware the Batman

Batman Unlimited's Beware the Batman.  I can't support the design, but FFS I like this figure and the show...
Seriously.  What is there to like about this design.  Or the show.  This marks the end of 6 inch DC figures by Mattel.  Yes, this is one of the last figures we get unless you count the garbage shown at SDCC.

Who designed this show's characters?  Ugh. They should have tapped Sean "Cheeks" Galloway for designs.  He did a great job with the animated Hellboy movies...  After Bruce Timm, Cheeks would have been an acceptable replacement (we all miss Bruce Timm!!!!!) Check this out:

Anyhow...  I am loving the show.  Why?  I ask myself the same question.  Honestly it pisses me off how much I enjoy the episodes (the first episode was one of the worst).  I disliked The Flashpoint Paradox because of the art/animation the same way I dislike Beware the Batman, but where I couldn't forgive Flashpoint, I can forgive Beware the Batman.  GDI I love it.  Hate me for it.  I hate myself for it.

As far a figure goes, it works.  It isn't great, but satisfies the articulation requirements of a fun figure to play with...  The paint is dark and slightly metallic.  No accessories, surprise!  

Anyhow.  I love to hate to love this figure.  So, I have pics but the will be brief as he isn't all that exciting... and I have pics of him getting crushed by a couple of villains...

Here are the pictures that I managed to take.

Words and Batman back breaking by Jason


  1. wtf - loves the new Batman show, hated Flashpoint, loved this figure? Well in opposite land this is a good review, thanx

    1. I'm telling you. None of it makes any sense!

      I loved Flashpoint's story, I just can't get over Hulking Aquaman and some other artistic character design choices. I wish they would have stuck with Kubert's designs for the animation.

  2. some fans were criticizing the fact that alfred is an ex-secret agent in the series, that it's to far a billionaire dressed up as bat fighting crime is not. it makes more least for me. plus in the recent bat films they gave hints that alfred was more than just a butler (the burma thing). and no one seemed to have a problem with that.
    on the series, it seems every week it gets better and better. i really like the chemistry between batman and katana and the voice actor for batman/bruce is really outstanding. i also like the fact that they took a lot of time building up the batman and gordon relationship. it made gordon's protection of batman in Sacrifice more satisfying. what sucks is no new episodes till the 26th.