Thursday, July 18, 2013

SDCC 2013 - Hasbro Marvel Legends and Universe (Preview Night)

Jason and I got to spend quite a bit of time talking to Dwight Stall from Hasbro's Marvel design team tonight in the booth, got a lot of questions answered, and learned a lot about the future of our beloved Marvel Lines.  Details and lots of photos after the jump.  And yes, that is a Pepper Potts in Rescue armor figure.  Woot!

First of all, the burning question from Marvel Legends collectors:  Where the hell are the variants from the past few waves, and what is Hasbro doing to ensure that we get the variants in future waves?  Well, unfortunately, it seems as though most of the variants from waves 3 and 4 (build a floor and Hit Monkey series) have not yet been manufactured.  They're ready to push the button, but as Dwight puts it, retail is "full" at the moment and re-orders are not happening (funny, I see nothing but empty pegs where I live...).  When and where we get the variants for these waves is uncertain right now, but Dwight seems hopeful that they will be able to squeeze them into future wave.

As for variants on future waves, apparently going forward (starting next year, unfortunately not with the Rocket Raccoon wave), the variants and the regular version will be shipping at the same time, in the same case pack.  If Hasbro pulls that off, that would be great news.  Hopefully that works out and actually happens.

Now the not so great news:  Marvel Universe AND Marvel Legends as we know them today, will both be ending after this year.  Going forward, figures in these two scales and formats will be rolled into movie tie-in waves, just as we've seen with Iron Man 3 Legends and Wolverine Legends this year.  Dwight assures us that these waves will be made up of both classic comic and movie design figures.  Marvel Universe will transition into an on-going Avengers line.  Dwight does plan to continue to use the same base body sculpts and parts that are already in Hasbro's library, but by doing it this way going forward, Hasbro can ensure continuous delivery of new product to retail, since each wave would essentially have it's own SKU, rather than continuing to use the same SKU, leading to retail clog-up and missed waves.  If this works out, it would be great, but just the thought of those lines being "over" is a little depressing.  We JUST got Legends back.  I hope Hasbro doesn't mess this up.

Also, apparently Moonstone will be the only figure from the Legends Thunderbolts set released single-carded, at least any time soon.

Also also, the new Thor 3.75" figures looks awesome.

Also also also, Jubilee BAF in Legends.  WTF?  Apparently new, bigger BAFs will be back next year.

Finally, Iron Man 3 Legends is getting another wave, which includes Trevor/Mandarin, comic styled Rescue/Pepper Potts, and Iron Patriot repainted as War Machine.  Apparently that's it, and there's now new BAF.  Sad.  I was hoping for the rumored Hulkbuster.

New stuff will be announced during the panel Saturday afternoon, which we'll be covering.  Here's a bunch of photos to tide us over until then.   Click to enlarge.