Saturday, July 27, 2013

SDCC 2013 Exclusive Star Wars Black Series 6" Boba Fett with Han Solo in Carbonite

Comic Con is over, so now it's time to review all the awesome toys we got there.  This was the run-away hit of Comic Con exclusives this year.  Limited to just one per person, and requiring that you wake up before the sun rose to stand in line, to get a ticket, to stand in another long line to purchase, it still managed to sell out early on in the show.  And for good reason.  Hasbro has finally answered many collectors' years of requests for six-inch scale Star Wars figures by delivering a near-perfect representation of the most iconic bounty hunter in the galaxy with his most iconic bounty.  I was on the fence about 6" Star Wars figures until I held this figure in my hands.  Now, I am 100% sold on this line.  Place Captain Solo in the cargo hold.

This is a NICE package, comprised of a two-tone glossy and matte black outer box designed in the visage of Fett's iconic T-visor helmet.  The back of the box has a short bio and a mural of the scene in The Empire Strikes Back with Fett, escorted by Bespin Guards and Imperial Stormtroopers, marching his prized bounty to the Slave I.  This depiction is also shown in two-tone black, keeping with the theme of the "black series".

Once the top of the box is removed, we're greeted by an upper tray holding Fett, the carbonite block, and Fett's weaponry, with schematic drawings and technical names for each.  These items are held in place by clear rubber bands.  Beneath this tray is a second inner tray holding the pieces of the stand for the carbonite block.  Beneath that, the inner liner of the box is printed with a black and white pattern of Fett and his gear, and instructions for assembling the stand in various ways for displaying the carbonite block.  One thing is for sure, you won't want to throw the packaging away.  It's much too awesome.  In fact, displaying the figure in the package (with the lid off) looks just as good as taking him out and posing him.

Once you have the figure in hand, you realize that Hasbro means serious business with this line.  This isn't just a scaled-up 3.75" Star Wars figure.  Much more care and thought went into the design of this figure.  And it reminds me why I prefer 6" figures.  As a life-long Star Wars figure collector, I find myself wondering if I could ever be happy with the smaller scale again.

The sculpt is fantastic.  It's is a great representation of the on-screen costume, right down to all the correct little dents and dings in the armor.  The "fabric" for the body suit is realistically sculpted to look like actual fabric, with believable folds and draping.  The gauntlets are intricately detailed with all of the small gadgets and weaponry from the film, right down to the very tiny keypad with raised buttons on the left gauntlet.  And perhaps most importantly, the helmet is the correct size and shape, something that very few Fett figures have achieved in the past.

Seriously, so much great detail in this sculpt.  They even got the toe-spikes and the keyboard keys on the top of the collar armor.  I also enjoy the fabric shoulder cape.  It hangs without getting in the way, and the fraying around the edges gives it a nice battle-worn look.  And one more detail that makes me happier than it probably should:  Hasbro even included the straps and buckles of the jet pack harness hanging through the shoulder slots on the back armor.  They line up when the jet pack is plugged into the back to look like the pack is actually hanging from them.  Perfect.  

Equally as impressive as the sculpt is the articulation.  Star Wars figures have never been the most articulated in the past, but in this new larger scale, Hasbro has worked in way more poseability than we're used to from this property.  It's actually very similar to many modern Marvel Legends figures.  The figure includes a ball jointed head and torso (which is worked into the sculpt of the flak vest exceptionally well), hinged neck, ball-hinged shoulders, elbows, wrists and ankles with rockers-movement, lower bicep and forearm swivel (the gauntlets are separate pieces from the rest of the arm), ball jointed hips, thigh swivels, and double knees.  Unfortunately, the front belt pouches hinder some forward range of movement in the hips, but you can work around that by sliding the belt to the side.  Ultimately, this is by far the most poseable Star Wars figure we've ever received.  And it passes a key test of poseability that not many do.  Fett can comfortably hold his rifle with both hands.

Then there's the paint job.  Like everything else about this figure, it is very nicely detailed.  The helmet and armor include all of the right battle damage details, the kill-stripes, the small color details on the gauntlets, and nicely applied tampos of the bantha skull and wheat emblems.  Even the buttons on the gauntlet keypad are painted in their screen-accurate red and blue colors.  There's also a nice subtle black over-spray on the legs to give an accurate looking grimy, weathered appearance.  One of my favorite aspects of the Original Trilogy is that it's a well-worn, lived-in looking universe.  And this Fett represents that faithfully.  Even the "scraped" silver areas on the back of the helmet are accurately represented.  Outstanding.

The paint is expertly applied.  Almost perfectly.  There's no smudging or slop anywhere on my figure except for two small details:  First, the black half-oval on the right earpiece of the helmet is misaligned.  Second, there's a very small amount of silver bleeding from the rim around the eye slit onto the black T-visor.  These are pretty minor mistakes and easy to overlook in the face of the rest of the awesome deco work on display here.


Finally, there are the accessories.  Fett does not leave us wanting here, either.  He includes his trademark Blastech EE-3 blaster rifle, his disintegration pistol, which fits perfectly into a holster on Fett's belt, as his Z-6 jet pack.  These weapons are all accurately sculpted and detailed.  I love the silver weathering on the rifle.

Then there's the most awesome accessory in the box, the carbonite-frozen Han Solo.  This is a large part of the draw for this exclusive set.  The Fett with all of his weapons will be included in wave 2 of the Black Series line, but he won't come with his bounty.  Rumor has it this piece will be made available through some other outlet at an undetermined point in the future, but that sounds a little iffy.  So if you want the frozen Corellian smuggler, this set is your safest bet.  The carbonite block is beautifully sculpted and looks dead-on screen accurate.  Check out the detail in the consoles around the frame.  It's also painted perfectly, with a slight metallic sheen that gives it the appearance of being more than just a plastic block.  Also great about this piece, is that it's solid around the back, unlike previous representations in different scales which were open and hollow behind the facade.  

The carbonite includes it's own three-piece display stand which can be used to display the block standing on end, or "hovering" in mid air on it's way to the Slave I's cargo hold.  The stand pegs into the back of the block and clips in place at either end to securely hold Han.  It works, very well, and doesn't look too obtrusive.  This is some pretty great engineering.

In closing, this set is one thousand percent awesome.  It's a great kick-off to a hugely exciting line of Star Wars figures in a new scale that many collectors have been hoping for for years.  I originally counted myself among the skeptical, but after having this set in hand for a week and not being able to put it down, I am completely sold.  I cannot wait to see where this collection goes.  If you're not one of the lucky few that was able to grab this figure at the convention or in the very few minutes that it was available on Hasbro Toy Shop the Wednesday after the show, you are truly missing one of Hasbro's nicest releases ever.  The set is available on ebay for some pretty high prices, which is a testament to the quality of the entire package.  If you can bring yourself to spend the cash, you won't be disappointed.

Words, photos, and disintegrations by Zak