Wednesday, July 3, 2013

GI Joe Eaglehawk aka Tomahawk

Heading into what seems to be a lack of GI Joe product in the coming year, Hasbro managed to pull out of a down spin long enough to get this bad boy onto.  Online retailers like BBTS and Smalljoes have been shipping these for the past few weeks.  Toys R Us (TRU #913230 Target DPCI 087-06-1478) has been slowly putting out cases (2 per case).  Not only does the Eaglehawk play into the nostalgia for the children of the 80's, but it also brings a viably awesome vehicle for kids.  And it is packed full of footpegs, backpack holes, seats, and those parental annoyances: stickers!

The Eaglehawk isn't the perfect vehicle.  For starters, the sticker guide doesn't match the box layout.  I decided I liked the placement on the box more than the sticker guide.  It is a bit of the disappointment that some of the great detail is hidden behind stickers.  The peg holes vex me.  I really don't think any are usable.  I guess you could attach those awesome little Firefly bombs on them from the retaliation 3 pack.  Sitting Joes in the seats is also a little strange.  The figure legs don't quite fall into place like you would want.

Ok, that's it for the bad.  The rest is awesome.  It has nice detail.  The blades fold up.  The engine doors open.  It seats two (unlike the Skystriker) in the cockpit.  The turret has great movement.  You can find two holes near the rear of each side to place the rappeling gear pack that came with Agent Mouse.  As a kid I was always trying to find places to hang weapons and ropes.  The design team sure went the extra mile with that.

It was easy to put together and the sticker application wasn't too tedious.  I love this thing.  I can see the play value being huge for those young GI Joe fans!

Listening to John Warden explain how they designed and brought this classic back to life was priceless.  As the original tools are no where to be found, they purchased MIB 1986 Tomahawks and proceeded to cut them into pieces to scan and retool.  They added little easter eggs like Ultimate Roadblock's machine gun is supposed to be able to replace the guns on the cabin turrets.  This process allowed them to keep as close to the original while updating it.

The packaging is interesting.  It keeps a similar color scheme as the Retaliation toys, but the logo is different. Many of the design elements mimic the movie boxes.  I was impressed that the design team was able to cram it into the size box that they did.  

Lift-Ticket was updated to have a real military feel like the movie designs and the previous PoC line.  I think I like the old style better, but he does make a great generic pilot.  

A little head swapping...

The headset on a couple of figures

Words and pic by Jason