Friday, April 5, 2013

Transformers Prime - Beast Hunters - Voyager Shockwave

With this review, I'll have finally caught up with my Transformers Prime Beast Hunters, whew! Today we're going to take a look at the Voyager scales wv.2, Shockwave! Or is it wv.1.5 since Shockwave was all by his lonesome? Either way, SHOCKWAVE.

Is it logical to add this 'mad' scientist to your Decepticon forces? Examine the possibilities and choose after the jump.

Shockwave was introduced to us in Season 2 of Transformers Prime in the episode "Out of the Past" (if I remember correctly). The episode was a flashback of the first time Arcee and Cliffjumper worked together. The 2 Autobots had been captured and were being subjected to Shockwave's new Cortical Psychic Patch. Thanks to Starscream's ego, Cliffjumper and Arcee were able to escape and in the ensuin confrontation, Shockwave was left buried under mounds of rubble. On Knockout's return to Cybertron at Megatron's behest, Knockout was met by Shockwave and brought to Earth where he unveiled his newest tool of the Autobot's destruction, the Predacons.

Shockwave comes to us in the standard packaging for the Beast Hunter line, a mostly white window box with the TF:Prime and Beast Hunters logos and adorned with art of Predaking. The lower front corner gives us a shot  of Shockwave's Alt-mode (wearing his 'Beast Armor') and a note showing that he is equipped with a "Spinning Hyperflux Cannon".

The sides of the box give us some nice character art, a Tech-Spec, and a bio.

 The back gives us the usual Bot and Alt-mode shots and a few notes on his accessories (Snap-on Beast Armor) and weapon (Spinning Hyperflux Cannon).

Releasing Shockwave from the confines of the box gives us the usual card tray with plastic tray insert. Shockwave and his "Beast Armor" are securely tied in place with paper ties and his instructions are folded up underneath.

Once again, contained in the instructions are some neat little details regarding his "Hyperflux Cannon".

Out of the box, Shockwave cuts an imposing figure. He looks good. Molded in mostly purple with some silver/grey and black, this is an excellent, updated, look to the Decepticons reigning "mad" scientist. He's a little more rounded off than his G1 predecessor, but it fits the TF:Prime design. I found the "Beast Armor" to look silly and like Smokescreen, I ditched it almost immediately.


Shockwave's bulk doesn't really hinder his articulation. He's full of hinges, swivels, and ball-joints that allow him to take on quite a few poses. The only part that hinders movement is the belt-feed to his "Hyperflux Cannon". The feed itself is a length rubber that is actually one of the Alt-mode's tank treads and runs from Shockwave's back to his arm. It's an ingenious use of parts.



As noted on the box, it's not just a "Hyperflux Cannon," but a "SPINNING Hyperflux Cannon". On top of the cannon is a grey plastic "trigger" that when pushed into the cannon body causes a ratcheting system to spin the entire cannon barrel, opening it up and showing a clear red blast effect.

Getting Shockwave into his H-Tank Alt-mode isn't all that difficult. However, first, we need to get the belt-feed back in place. Simply unhook it from the arm, and fold it back up into the tread well.


Start the transformation by swiveling the legs outward and bending the knees. Swing the arms back to keep them out of the way. Rotate the lower legs at the knees to face forward. Lay Shockwave down on his back and slide the feet forward at the ankles.


Pull Shockwave's chest plate out and swing it down to the, now front, of the Alt-mode. Swing the tread wells on his back out and rotate his head to face downward.

Swing the two small purple plates from the chest down; they give the top of the Alt-mode a little more surface area. The arm with the "Hyperflux Cannon" rotates and folds onto the top of the Alt-mode connecting to the grey plate. Shockwave's other arm folds in a similar manner and connects under the body of the Alt-mode. Fold up the spiky fin pieces on both the back end of the cannon and on the tread wells.


For some reason, the H-pattern tank seems to be the going form for Cybertronian tanks. There has to be a better design for a Cybertronian, tracked, engine of destruction as this mode is getting played out. Shockwave looks great in Bot-mode, but the Alt-mode just does nothing for me. I didn't even bother attaching the "Beast Armor". The moment I was done snapping pics, he went right back into Bot-mode.


Overall, Shockwave isn't a bad figure, but the lack of a solid Alt-mode is certainly keeping him from being a great figure. As I said, he does cut an imposing silhouette in Bot-mode and that's how I intend to keep him. I thought about picking up an Energon Shockblast to be my collection's Shockwave as he's a little more angular and bot-like. But, this Shockwave is of a good size and looks good on the shelf and until something better comes along that I don't mind picking up, he'll stay on the shelf.

You should be able to find Shockwave more frequently now as he's showing up more often in the revised case pack.

Pics, words, and logical assessment by Scion of Primus.