Thursday, April 4, 2013

Transformers Prime - Beast Hunters - Deluxe Smokescreen

We're back-tracking a little to some of the figures I've been sitting on and am finally getting to. Today, we're taking a look at Transformers: Prime - Beast Hunters wv.2 Smokescreen. Smokescreen was one of those cast characters I was hoping we would get. Luckily, we got a new mold from Hasbro versus what Takara did; they put out a Knockout repaint.

So, with a new mold of a new character, is Smokescreen worth adding to your Team Prime? Take a peek after the jump!

Smokescreen was introduced in the TF:Prime season 2 episode 'New Recruit'. He arrived as an eager, young Autobot ready and willing to prove his worth to the team; especially his idol, Optimus Prime. Through the season, the brash youngster proved time and again that while he may be the new guy, he had what it took to face Megatron and the Decepticons. Smokescreen became very adept with the Iacon relic, the Phaseshifter, stealing artifacts from and generally wreaking havoc amongst the Cons.

Smokescreen comes to us packaged in the usual Beast Hunters packaging; a primarily white card with TF:Prime and Beast Hunter logos and an image of Predaking on the side. The bubble insert gives us a look at Smokescreen's Alt-mode and tells us he comes equipped with an "Electronet Launcher". Like a moron, I forgot to get a shot of his Tech-Spec.

The back of the card shows us the usual shots of Bot and Alt modes, gives us a few notes on accessories, namely his "Shadow Quill Armor", and a quick Bio.

Tearing into the packaging, we find Smokescreen paper tied in place with instructions oragami'd underneath.

Like the other Beast Hunter figures, Smokescreen has a brief description of his weaponry printed on his instructions. I've been liking this little extra as it adds some flavor to some of the otherwise 'Meh' accessories.

Right out of the package, Smokescreen comes clad in his "Shadow Quill Armor" and blaster in hand. The armor looks ridiculous and I took it off as soon as I could. Molded primarily in white, Smokescreen has quite a few paint apps to give him some color. Sadly, a lot of the apps are very inaccurate to his on-screen colors. There are quite a few customizers out there that have repainted their Smokescreens to be a lot more screen accurate.

It would have been cool to see a Phaseshifter relic that could be snapped onto his forearm.

Smokescreen's chest is a fake hood. The actual parts that make up the Alt-mode hood are hanging off of his arm as HUGE chunks of kibble. I don't mind some kibble, but these are fairly large and obvious. If you're willing to spend a little time, there are mods out there to remove these and mount them to his back making him a little more show accurate.

Smokescreen's Alt-mode is that of a sleek racing car. Though his markings may not be show accurate, I'm happy with the look.

The "Shadow Quill Armor" and "Electronet Launcher" fit right onto the Alt-mode. The armor itself is rubbery and pliable and has two posts that fit in at the bottom of the car doors to keep in in place. As much as I'm into post-apocolyptic couture and vehicles looking like they're on their way to a night at the Thunderdome; and while the armor doesn't look as bad on the Alt-mode as it does on the Bot-mode, I still don't care for it. The "Electronet Launcher" fits into a post-hole on the roof of the car. It too, looks silly.

I started off by figuring out how to transform Smokescreen by getting him into Alt-mode. I'd heard tale of his arms being quite difficult and that you need to follow certain steps in order to get the front and hood of the car just right. This was no tale. You have to transform his arms just right to get him in and out of Alt-mode. It took me a few tries and mis-transformations.

Begin by moving the the hood back over the windshield. Slide the piece of bumper to the side. Swing the entire arm forward and the rotate the entire assembly to the outside of the car. Repeat with the second arm. The hood kibble will rotate parallel on the forearm exposing the hand.


Lift the rear bumper up to begin the feet and legs. Separate the back half and fold the feet down.The knee pads and shins rotate outward to cover the front facing section of the legs.

Flip Smokescreen's head up. There is a tab at the base of the neck that will slot into a hole on the door assembly when you flip it up. Flip the door windows inward and down. Swing the arms inward from the waist. The rims of the wheels have openings that will snap into place on the chest frame. Twist the body 180 degrees and flip the chest plate up.

With the exception of the kibble, Smokescreen isn't a bad figure. I'm not a fan of the armor, but it comes off, so that doesn't detract from the figure for me as a whole. He's well articulated and with the exception of paint apps, isn't a bad looking figure. I may look into fixing the arm kibble since, for the most part, he will remain in Bot-mode on my shelf.

You should start being able to find Smokescreen a lot easier now as wv.2 is becoming a lot more common. If you see Ripclaw, Starscream, or Bulkhead staring at you from the pegs, then Smokescreen should hopefully be there for you to pick-up.

Pics, words, and youthful exuberance by Scion of Primus!