Monday, April 1, 2013

Transformers Prime - Beast Hunters - Deluxe Ripclaw

Hey all! I'm finally getting caught up on some Transformers for everyone. Today, we're going to take a look at one of the newest Predacons to be released to hunt done the Autobots, Ripclaw. Released in the Deluxe scale Wv.2, Ripclaw takes her... yes HER... place next to Lazerback under Predaking's command. Another Transformer with a Dragon-like Alt-mode, Ripclaw was created by Shockwave to be apart of the Decepticons ultimate Autobot hunting faction.

Is Ripclaw worth adding to your hunting party? Take a peek after the jump!

Using long lost CNA (Cyber-Neucleic Acid), the building blocks of Transformers life, Shockwave was able to recreate a long lost faction of Transformers. Cultivating them in a lab, Shockwave was able to program these new Predacons to obey the Decepticons and hunt down and destroy any Autobots.

Ripclaw comes to us in the standard Beast Hunters packaging... primarily white and adorned with a shot of Predaking along the side. The bubble insert gives us a shot of Ripclaw's Bot-mode and let's us know that she is armed with a "Snapping Siphon Claw".

The back of the packaging gives us a quick Bio and some shots of both Bot and Alt-modes


The side of the bubble insert gives us Ripclaw's Tech-Spec.

I had already opened Ripclaw and taken her out of her plastic tray, but she comes paper-tied in with the instructions folded underneath.

I have been liking the explanation of the weapons the bots have been coming with. To me, it's reminiscent of the old G1 explanations of each bots unique item off of their Tech-Spec. In this case, we have Ripclaw's 'Siphon Claw'... a crushing claw that lashes out like a cobra, injecting deadly cyber-venom before she hurl's their chassis aside.

Ripclaw came packed with her tail disconnected... more than likely to make use of the packaging. All you need to do is stretch it out just a tad, and snap it into place.

Molded in a few colors... red, teal, and gold... Ripclaw has a few paint apps throughout. At first I thought it was multi-colored plastic that gave her parts a swirled look; but it seems to be mostly from paint washes. There is some darker almost black on her wings and some yellow on her Beast-mode's neck.


Transforming Ripclaw to her Bot-mode is pretty straight forward. The hind legs become the legs, the fore-legs become the arms... it's not too difficult.

Extend the hind legs out straight. The teal plates on the thighs swing down to become the Bot-modes shins. The two teal body halves split apart and swing to her back. This also moves the wings back. Close the upper body and lower body halves together.


Rotate the arms 180 degrees at the elbow and fold the Beast-mode claws back into the forearms.


The Beast-mode neck gets split down the center, exposing the Bot-mode head. The halves of the neck swing down over the upper arms. The dragon head folds back on to Ripclaw's back.

Ripclaw's Bot-mode has quite a few points of articulation. Her tail doesn't really do much in Bot-mode but hang there. There is a soft rubber spine that runs the length of the tail and helps it stay in it's curled shape, but it doesn't allow for any real articulation.


The "Siphon Claw" can be detached and used as a hand weapon. The gimmick here is that the claw can be opened and locked into place. By pressing the gold 'spike' in the center, the claw arms snap closed.


All in all, Ripclaw isn't a bad figure; both Bot and Beast-modes look good. My only complaint about these new Beasts is that the transformations are a little simplistic; fore-legs are arms, hind legs are legs, fold out the head. These new Predacons are nothing in the way of complicated as compared to some of their latter Beast Wars era predecessors. I like the look of a force of dragons sitting on my shelf, it does look cool. Soon, it will be backed by Abominus and led by 'Ultimate' Predaking.

Ripclaw should be hitting your local stores with a lot more regularity by now. You can find her packed in with cast regular Smokescreen and Beast Hunter versions of Starscream and Bulkhead (which I'm SO passing on).



Pics, words and Predacons... TERRORIZE! by Scion of Primus.