Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sinestro Corps Mongul

When DC Direct released the Sinestro Corps Mongul, I thought he pretty much sucked.  I took it upon myself to try and make him better.  I like how it turned out, but I still need a regular oversized Mongul!  Mattel really hasn't done him justice.

the parts are from Validus/Brimstone C and C's (maybe a Arkillo or Kilowog limb, I really don't recall) and a cut up and dremeled to hell DC Direct Sinestro Corps Mongul.  Add a little bit of paint and some sculpting (I wish the symbol was a bit more crisp!) and you get this!

Based on the art from the comics and here is an example:

Pics, words, and custom by Jason


  1. That's a lot of rings!

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