Friday, April 12, 2013

Marauder Gun-Runners I.D.S Action Figure Stands

Having trouble getting those figures to stand up on their own? Is your Ten-hut turning into a ten-down? Well fear not, the good folks over at Marauder Gun-Runners have a great solution for keeping your figures at full attention. I.D.S. Action Figure Stands provide a unique solution in the world of action figure stands. Take a look!   
One thing that stands out about the I.D.S. stands is their unique puzzle-piece design. This allows you to lay them out in a number of ways including linking them side-by-side or turning them into a stacking stand. Ok, the stacking stand could potentially get a little expensive, but it’s nice to have the option.

The other thing that makes these stands great is that they feature two pegs of different sizes. This allows them to work for a good variety of both vintage and modern figures. Including:

Vintage Joes

Modern Joes

Marvel Universe

...Star Wars, Star Trek, Iron Man, Avengers and undoubtedly a number of other 3 ¾” figures that I don’t have handy to try out. In addition to great stands, Marauder offers great customer service, which is always a plus (just ask anyone that has ever dealt with Digital River). I went to order some stands shortly after Christmas, only to find that they were out of stock. I emailed customer service, and was told they’d let me know when the stands were back in stock. After several weeks, I had pretty much given up, only to be pleasantly surprised by an email telling me they were back in stock. Good times! Oh yea, Marauder’s main thing is custom 1:18 scale gear for your figures, and they have this great tendency to throw in a few sample weapons for free. Overall, these are great stands being brought to you by a great company. Since they work across multiple figure lines, be sure to head over to, stock up and save!