Wednesday, April 3, 2013

3rd Party Transformers - FansProject T-Bone - NOT Wildrider

Here we go! The second piece of our newest combiner from the awesome FansProject, T-Bone! Or... NOT Wildrider. Numbered as CA-10, T-Bone makes up the next limb spot in the Causality Combat Racing team. I'm so happy that the Stunticons are getting such an amazing update!

Take a look at the craziest of the Stunticon bots after the jump!

T-Bone (NOT Wildrider) is the second bot in the FansProject Causality Combat Racing  team. Released at the same time as his teammate Car-Crash (catch my review HERE), Fansproject has certainly left me drooling for more. The Stunticons have always been my favorite of the combiner teams; evil versions of the Autobots that I love so much!

Wildrider had the reputation of being the craziest of the Stunticons. So much so, that even his fellow Stunticons are wary of driving next to him. While some of the Stunticons may ram an opponent from time to time, it's one of Wildrider's preferred, and most used, tactics.

"Either you're out of my way, or you're out of luck." - Wildrider

Like all of the FansProject pieces, and his teammate Car-Crash, T-Bone comes packed in a very nice, full color window box. The front gives us some beautiful artwork. The back gives us shots of both Bot and Alt modes as well as a few detail shots and some action shots.

The sides of the box give us a look at T-Bone in both art and actual figure.

Opening the box, we find T-Bone packed in-between two plastic trays an wrapped in a bag. Underneath is a silvered piece of cardstock with a bag containing T-Bone's full-color instructions and Tech-Spec card.

T-Bone is an excellent homage to G1 Wildrider. Molded in primarily black and red, the only things missing are some Decepticon shields.


Like Car-Crash, T-Bone is loaded with articulation! There are plenty of swivels, hinges, and ball-joints allowing you to pose him in a slough of different action poses.


One thing you may notice... while Car-Crash and T-Bone have slightly different Alt-modes, they share the same transformation and basic design. I'll skip the transformation for T-Bone. If you're really interested, check out the transformation sequence in my Car-Crash review.

Once transformed into Alt-mode T-Bone takes on a slightly different form that his predecessor's Ferrari 308 form. T-Bone's Alt-mode appears to be that of a Lamboghini Ankonian.


Also like Car-Crash, T-Bone's weapon breaks down into two parts and fits under the Alt-mode. I came across a slight issue with the parts not fitting exactly right, the barrel section was too long and would not sit properly, so I left it off.

T-Bone is an excellent homage to his G1 predecessor, Wildrider, in both look and function. While there is as of yet no way to test the combining function until NOT Motormaster comes out, both T-Bone and Car-Crash are excellent figures. I'm certainly waiting with barely restrained anticipation to order the rest of the Combat Racing team. You can STILL order your own Car-Crash and T-Bone from BBTS... Go. Do. It.

In the mean time... here are some more teaser images of Intimidator (NOT Menasor) and the Combat Racing Team.

Pics, words, and wantin' to bust somethin' up by Scion of Primus!