Monday, March 4, 2013

Transformers Prime - Beast Hunters - Voyager Optimus Prime

Hey all! Joe here to help your Monday pass by with a look at the new Transformers: Prime - Beast Hunters Voyager scale Optimus Prime. With Season 3 of Transformers: Prime right around the corner (premiering on 3.22), Hasbro has given us our first wave of their new Beast Hunters line. Showing up in Legion, Commander, Deluxe and Voyager scales, Beast Hunters is well under way. We've already looked at Commander scale Optimus, now we're onto his much larger counterpart, Voyager scale Optimus Prime.

Does the Voyager figure truly tower over his Commander brother, or is he just a scaled up load of 'meh'. Take a peek after the jump.

As of yet, there is still no real word or explanation as to how Optimus get's upgraded into this form. The most recent preview I've seen... which you can still see HERE over on it looks as though... well... I shouldn't say. Go check out the preview. I wouldn't want to, as Jason puts it, 'Darth Maul' any of you.

Needless to say, we get an updated Optimus to go with the rest of our spiky-bit clad Autobots.

Optmius comes to us in the standard Transformers: Prime decco window box; being primarily white with the TF:Prime logo across the top. We get the added yellow and orange Beast Hunters logo and some artwork of Predaking on the left side. The front also gives us a shot of Optimus in his new Alt-mode and a nice big note that he comes with "Ionic Pulse Launchers".

The sides of the box give us some really nice art of Optimus. A 'full' shot on one side and a partial shot with a  short Bio and Tech Spec on the other.

The back of the box gives us shots of Optimus in both Bot and Alt modes. We also get a few notes on his accessories, the Ionic Pulse Launchers and Star Saber.

Open the box and we find that prime is paper tied into his plastic tray which is in turn laid into a card tray. The instructions of course, folded up and underneath. The instructions have 'Chapter 5' of a narrative that has been running through the toy wave. Chapters 1-4 were packed into the Wv.1 Deluxe figures. Predaking comes with Chapter 6 and that in turn continues into the instructions included with the next wave of Deluxe figures, specifically Starscream.

Untie Optimus and get all his bits removed from the tray and we find a Bot and his weapons. Notice on the shots of Optimus on the box  that the 'Ionic Pulse Launchers' feature clear green molded missiles. The actual toy's missiles are molded in the same silver grey that Optimus has parts molded from. For whatever reason, the Star Saber IS molded in clear green plastic.

Optimus himself comes molded in his usual colors, blue, red... a bright red... and silver/grey. Optimus uses the same clear green plastic for his truck windows and the light-piping for his eyes. Most of Optimus' paint apps are silver with some yellow on the headlights.

Despite Optimus' Voyager scale, his transformation is rather simplistic. I'm glad they are no longer putting the transformation difficulty meter on the boxes anymore... that thing was just insulting.

Starting at Optimus' back we need to get the wing assembly moved about and the wheels out of his back. I lined up the wings and swung up the entire back piece. Fold the wheels out and separate them by folding them outward.

Optimus's body rotates at the chest, spin Optimus 180 degrees from there. Fold the 'grill' section with the wheels up over Optimus' mid-section. Fold the shoulder guards done over his upper arms.

Optimus' arms connect at his shoulders with some grey plates, unhook those and swing his arms back behind him. The arms will come all the way together and fit partially into the cab. Be sure to rotate his head back and down BEFORE swinging the arms all the way back. I also rotated the hands to face with the backs of the hands, up.

Next, are the legs and finishing off the basics of the Alt-mode. There is a post in-between Optimus's legs just below the knees. Pin his legs together using that. Fold the legs back; as if making Optimus sit. The undersides of the forearms have posts that will fit into post-holes on the shins. The arms will snap into place.

Fold Optimus' feet up and together to form the rear of the Alt-mode. The folded out wheel sections at the front can now be folded back inward towards the body. There is a peg on the inside of each that will snap into place on Optimus' thigh. Once snapped into place, rotate the grey, spike bumper sections up and into place on the front of the Alt-mode.

The wing assembly simply folds down to cover the arms. There are two posts on the assembly that snap into place on the forearms just below the elbows. The wings themselves fold into the body, also snapping into place along the forearms.

The 'Ionic Pulse Launchers' are placed onto the upper wing using the post-holes. The Star Saber, into a post on the top of the Alt-mode.

Optimus' new form still has the overall look of a truck... but a much bigger one... more akin to a dump truck in my opinion. It's very boxy. I guess boxy translates to Beast Hunting. Either that, or Optimus should be hauling a tanker full of precious juice for Pappagallo, on the run from the Humongous and Wez.

Not only did Optimus gain bulk over all, but his head got rather chunky as well. The head depicts a mouth-plate-less Optmius sneering at us. His neck is much bulkier and the blue plates on his head have more to them and cover more of his face. Seeing as how Optimus is normally depicted in the show as only having his mouth exposed out of battle, I think the mouth-plate would have been a much better choice to mold for the Beast Hunter head. This is a bulked up 'Beast Hunter' Optimus, armed and armored; the mouth-plate seems like a logical choice.

As with a lot of the newer molds, Optimus has articulation throughout. Despite his bulk, he can hold quite a few poses. The 'Ionic Pulse Launchers' both have a post that can be fitted into either of Optimus' hands. One of the main shots I've seen shows them mounted on both the top and underside of his hand... a kind of dual blaster.  I tried showing it off both ways. The 'launchers' can also be mounted onto Optimus' wings as booster jets... but I don't care for the overall look. Admittedly though, that is how he got posed on my shelf, boosters on the wings and Star Saber in hand.

All in all... it's an Optimus; and you know me, I had to buy him. He's not a bad looking figure. I can live with the color choices, but green would not have been my first choice. A light blue would have been preferable. My only real complaint is his simplicity. He's a Voyager scale figure with the complexity of a deluxe. In fact, I've seen deluxe figures that were more complicated. For a larger figure, I just expect more. As far as screen accuracy goes, we have yet to see Optimus in this form so who knows if this is what he'll really look like.

If you're a completionist, or just get cast characters, or are like me and buy every Optimus you can, then pick him up. He's definitely making the rounds right now and should be easy to find at any of you major local stores.

Words, pics, and Michael Preston reference by Scion of Primus.