Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Transformers Prime - Beast Hunters - Deluxe Lazerback

Continuing on with the new Transformers: Prime - Beast Hunters, we take a look at the first of the Predacons that was actually released, Deluxe Lazerback. Lazerback is our first minion under Predaking to be released. More Predacons are on the way, but we've got to start somewhere.

When Jason first spotted this one, he asked if I wanted to get 'Laserbeak'. Needless to say I was all 'huh?' And then I realized what he was talking about and told him to double-check the name... it was a good lol.

Is Lazerback worth hunting down? Take a peek after the jump.

According to the limited mythos and Bio on Lazerback, he was cloned by Shockwave using long lost CNA of an extinct faction of Transformers. Wielding power that could rival Predaking, Lazerback could care less about duty and orders, all he wants to do is destroy.

Lazerback comes to us on the standard Transformers: Prime - Beast Hunters card; mostly white with the TF:Prime and Beast Hunters logos. Yet again, the character art for Predaking adorning the side. I noticed that while Lazerback is packaged in Beast-mode, unlike other figures, the shot of the toy on the bubble insert is also in Beast-mode. Usually they're in a form opposing how the figure is packed... but... no biggie.

The side of the card insert has Lazerback's Tech-Spec...

The back of the card gives us shots of Lazerback in both Bot and Beast modes, a few notes on weaponry, and a very quick and simple Bio.


Release Lazerback from his plastic cage and we find the norm... plastic tray, paper ties, instructions folded up underneath.

The instructions, as seems to be the new norm, give us a breakdown on Lazerbacks's offensive capabilities. His main weapon is his 'Toxin Strike Blaster'. Don't be fooled by the weapon in the package, it may be described and look like it launches 2 missiles, but it doesn't. It's merely one missile.

Lazerback's 'Dragon' form is that of a quadrupedal, wing-less dragon. Molded primarily in red, Lazerback has a big purple head and purple feet with some yellow and gold detailing throughout.



Unfortunately for Lazerback, his transformation is rather easy. The hardest part being the Bot head and chest. But, calling that hard is a stretch.

Start by removing Lazerback's tail and pushing the blaster up and forward. Extend the legs and rotate the feet so he can stand up like a biped. The legs push inward and connect at the crotch. Stand Lazerback up.


Rotate the Bot hands out. This places the Beast-mode hands along the forearm. I'd have liked it a little more if they folded up a little better. As it is... they're just basically big hunks of kibble.

Pull the shoulders away from the body. The Beast-mode head is on a couple of hinges that require a little playing with to make sure the head rotates down and seats into the chest cavity properly. Once you have the heads positioned properly, push the shoulders back inward.


The 'Toxic Strike Blaster' can swing forward to fire over Lazerback's head, or be removed and become a hand-held weapon. The red scales can be opened up exposing the black weapon casing.


Lazerback's Beast-mode tail becomes a whip-like weapon.

Being a newer mold, Lazerback has plenty of articulation. Some of his bulk does limit here and there, but not too bad; all of the important joints are ball-joints. Lazerback isn't a bad figure, but he's not great either. His transformation is rather simplistic and formulaic. Forelegs = arms. Hind legs = legs. It seems to be the trend for the Predacons.

Why is it that a Deluxe rivals the scale of a Voyager?

Overall, I'm good with Lazerback. I made the decision to only pick up the NEW characters (such as the Predacons) or cast characters that I have yet to get from TF:Prime in these new waves; Smokescreen, Shockwave, and the Cyberverse scale Terrorcons are on that list. So far, I'm holding true to that decision as I have not liked the spiky revisions of the other cast characters.

Lazerback should still be fairly easy to find as Wv.1 of the Beast Hunters line has pretty much hit en masse. Be on the lookout for Wv.2 which contains new characters Smokescreen and Ripclaw as well as Deluxe Beast Hunter versions of Starscream and Bulkhead.

Words, pics, and Thar be dragons by Scion of Primus.