Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Transformers - Fall of Cybertron - Voyager Grimlock

Today we're going to take a look at one of the baddest Autobots around, the leader of the Dinobots, Grimlock! No matter what their origin, the Dinobots have the reputation of being some of the toughest individual bots on Cybertron. Swoop, Snarl, Slag, and Sludge all take their orders, begrudgingly, from their imposing leader, Grimlock. Grimlock's disposition is surly and mean and fellow Autobots wonder why he he's on their side and not a Decepticon instead. It turns out that despite his demeanor and power, Grimlock loathes bullies, and to him, Megatron and his Decepticons are just that.

With the advent of Fall of Cybertron, we finally got a peek at the new origins of Grimlock and his Dinobots. As of yet, there are no plans for any of the other Dinobots, but at least we got Grimlock. Does this massive dino thunder over his enemies? Take a peek after the jump!

After a few years of going without (3 by my count), one of the most popular characters of the Transformers universe gets an update. Or is it a retro look considering this is from FoC and pre-Earth? Either way, MP Grimlock aside, we get a Grimlock that lines up in scale with the rest of the Generations line and isn't dinky like his Classics counterpart. Classics Grimlock was small... more of a Velociraptor... like his Beast Wars version... but I digress...

Grimlock comes to us packed in the standard Generations packaging; a red box adorned with some beautiful artwork of Grinlock's Alt-mode along the side that also wraps around to the side of the box. We also get a nice big note showing that Grimlock lights up!

The back of the package is also Generations standard fare. There are shots of Grimlock in both his Bot and Alt modes, some notes on accessories, a Bio, and Tech-Spec.


Open up the box and free Grimlock and we get the normal plastic tray in a card tray, paper ties, and instructions folded up underneath.

Molded primarily in silver/grey and gold, Grimlock has some charcoal and black parts thrown in as well as a few small red paint apps. While a good looking figure, I miss Grimlock's "wings". They were just one aesthetic that, to me, makes Grimlock... Grimlock.


The included accessories consist of an Energo-sword and shield so Grimlock can either slash or bash his way through the Decepticon hordes. The accessories, while FoC game accurate, seem to be a bit small for the figure. There are rumors of a 3rd Party upgrade, but I've seen nothing beyond a custom mock-up.

To help figure him out, I got Grimlock into Dino-mode first... mostly to check out his light-up feature. The light is activated by small switch on the back of the Dino-mode neck. When in Bot-mode, the whole head assembly needs to be pressed into the figure to activate the light.

Grimlock's Dino-mode is very reminiscent of his G1 form. There are design updates for sure, namely the more 'tech-y' look overall. Some of the classic Grimlock details, such as the red, blue, and green markings and his "wings" are absent. Still, a strong figure.


My only complaint about the Dino-mode... and this seems to be universal... is that Grimlock is fairly hollow. The main body of the Dino-mode is just... empty. Granted, you probably won't really see that it is, but knowing it's that way is a tad annoying.

Both of Grimlock's  accessories can be pegged to the hips of his Dino-mode.

I felt that I couldn't take pics of Grimlock without a little om-nom-nomming on Shockwave.

Grimlock's Dino-mode is rather large. As compared to Predaking, who's Alt-mode is as big as a Deluxe scale figure, Grimlock is still relatively large...

...the scene in the trailer for FoC where Optimus steps aside and Grimlock steps up is just an amazing scene to me. Even though Grimlock professes strength and power and disobeys Optimus regularly, he still respects Optimus' role as leader of the Autobots.


Transforming Grimlock to Bot-mode is relatively easy. The only real difficulty lies in getting the Dino-mode legs into the Bot-mode arms. The shoulders require a little more manipulation than you'd think.

Starting with Grimlock's tail, separate it down the middle. The tail, of course, becomes the Bot-mode legs. Extend the legs back, as you do so, they will cover the tips of the tail. Fold the feet up.


Manipulating the shoulders to make the arms took a little more than I was expecting. They are on a multiple hinge/ratchet system that requires you to rotate a part one way and another other part another way. At first, it was a little weird, but once I got it figured out, subsequent transformations were easier.


The head, neck, and shoulders of the Dino-mode fold back to make up Grimlock's back. The head folds down and inward and then from the Dino-mode hips, inward again. The Dino-mode forearms merely hang along the side.


Like his G1 precursor, the Bot-mode hands fold out of the Dino-mode legs.

Like all of the Generations line, Grimlock is full of hinge, swivel, and ball-joint articulation allowing for a myriad of poses. Due to his bulk, he is a little top-heavy, but nothing a little positioning can't fix.


No matter the mythos of his creation, I've always enjoyed Grimlock as a character. In one universe, he and the Dinobots were created by Wheeljack. In another, he was gladiator that eventually chose the form of a T-Rex for his Alt-mode. And yet another, he was the product of Shockwave's experiments. Grimlock may be surly, mean, and insubordinate but he's always done what he needs to do to get the job done. That may seem harsh, but it's always to further the Autobot cause and Grimlock is more than willing to lay the smack down on some Decepticons in the process.

You should still be able to find yourself a Grimlock in a store near you now. I know certain red stores have been seeing them more often. So if you happen to see one, snatch him up!

I don't have many Grimlocks... and I'm kicking myself for not getting the MP Grimlock at a decent price when I had the chance... but I do have a nice little shelf set up to pay homage to one of the Autobots toughest members.

Pics, words, and butt-kicking by Scion of Primus, KING!