Wednesday, March 13, 2013

G.I. Joe Club - Big Boa (Figure Subscription Service)

In 1987, Big Boa hit the shelves.  And I owned him.  I really enjoy the bad guy figs when they went a little overboard.  Croc Master, Raptor, and Crystal Ball are fantastic characters in my book.  Cobra was all about trying absolutely everything and employing anyone that they thought could give them an advantage.  An accountant that had a wing suit and a bird?  Why yes!  A Crocodile training crazy man to patrol Cobra Island?  Please!  A trainer with a crazy spiked helmet?  Here he is.  Big Boa in all his newly articulated awesomeness!

Check out his original release here: BIg Boa (1987)

According to the new file card, Big Boa's face looks like he was hit by the proverbial ugly stick.  His helmet has cybernetic devices and enhance his senses!  His hearing and sight augmented by it.  I do miss the removable hose, but the new helmet is nicely sculpted.

I love the sculpted gloves.  Remove the hands and replace with the glove hands!  Add some training gear or a hammer!  Some nice paint apps and a Cobra logo arm tattoo and you get a kick ass figure!   New and brilliantly re-used parts grace this figure.  COBRAAAA!

Great card art and package display.  It's almost a shame to cut him free.  Almost!  Honestly, judge him for yourself.  And scoop him up in the secondary market if you can!  He is after all, a must for a GI Joe collector.

Words and pics by Jason