Thursday, March 7, 2013

DC Comics Unlimited - New 52 Wonder Woman

Imagine my surprise finding this little wonder (har har!) at Toys R Us earlier this week.  Wave 2 of DC Unlimited introduces the controversial Injustice figures.  Honestly, I haven't spoken to anyone that is excited about them.  Thankfully we aren't just getting figures based on Injustice.  Wonder Woman highlights the line as one of the best.  Want to see some pics?  Click through and enjoy!

The packaging sports Jim Lee's art from the DCnU Justice League comic.  I doubt it could look better.

Yes, look for more characters at although there aren't any currently available....
Wonder Woman is quite lonely in her bubble.  LONELY!  C and C pieces please...

She sports newly sculpted and re-tooled parts to go along with her re-used legs from the wave 4 Wonder Woman.  The hands seem to be the same but with added sculpted fingernails.  The lasso is the same from wave 4.

The paint is slightly sloppy.  It isn't applied properly to the details.  When you look closely at it, you can tell, but a slight distance, it is hard to notice.  Her face is done very clean and very nice.  Good color choices for both the paint and plastic.

Her sword "holster" is a bit like a strange tail...  not sure if I like it or want it on the figure.  I love the "arm bracelet" WW.  It looks clean and fantastic!

Her articulation isn't much of a surprise for DC Universe figures.  There is no waist articulation, however you do have the joint below the ribs.

All in all, DCnU looks fantastic.  She beat out Savage Hawkman as my favorite new DC figure.  Amazons rule (and are seriously sexy)!!!

Pics and thought by Jason