Friday, February 22, 2013

Transformers Generations - Deluxe FoC Ultra Magnus

It's Friday! What better way to spend a Friday than with a new Optimus Prime figure?! Okay... so it's not really an Optimus Prime, but it is an Optimus Prime repaint and slight retool. Today we're going to take a look at the last figure in the newest wave of the Transformers - Generations Fall of Cybertron Deluxe figures, Ultra Magnus!

Does Ultra Magnus have what it takes to lead the Autobots, or does he just fall apart under pressure? Take a peek after the jump.

Ultra Magnus was first introduced to us, in the Transformers universe, as the Autobot City Commander. He was 'just a soldier' who protected Autobot City. Later incarnations of Ultra Magnus had him upgraded from 'just a soldier' to one of the most feared Autobots among the stars; a hard-edged, take no nonsense, Tyrest Accord enforcer. Other Autobots have to toe the line when Magnus is around for fear of breaking any rules. If Autobots have to fear him for small infractions, think of what the Decepticons have to fear.

Ultra Magnus comes carded on a red card that has become the standard for the Generations line. The front of the card provides some excellent card art of Ultra Magnus. The bubble has the standard insert showing off Magnus' Alt-mode.

The back, also standard fare, give us shots of Ultra Magnus in both Bot and Alt modes, notes about the figure, a Bio, and Tech-Spec.

Free Ultra Magnus from his plastic prison and we find the usual plastic tray, paper ties, and folded instructions underneath.

Ultra Magnus comes to us as he usually does, an Optimus Prime repaint with a retooled head. Ultra Magnus is remolded in his normal colors, primarily blue and white with red paint apps. Mine is fairly well painted with the exception of a smudged spot on the lights in front of his head on top of his chest.

Being a repaint/tool, Ultra Magnus transforms exactly like Optimus Prime.

I started by rotating the exhaust pipes at the top of his arms up. Open the panel on his back and flip it up and over. This panel is attached to the post his head is on as well as the mechanism that his shoulders are attached to. Flipping this panel up and over will push the head into the body and swing the shoulders down and back.

Rotate the fists 180 degrees and then rotate the arms at the elbows 180 degrees so the wheels are facing outward and the fists, inward. Fold the arms in on themselves at the elbow. Peg the arms into place using the two small tabs and slots on either side of the body. Rotate the white bumper pieces inward and connect them.


Snap Magnus' legs together and then fold them back and in on themselves at the knees. Before completely folding them in, rotate the feet out from under the shins at the ankles and then flatten  them against the shin. There are two tabs on the ankle joint that will peg into two slots on the back of the 'cab'. Peg these into place and Ultra Magnus is done.


Once again, just an Optimus repaint... that of a red, white, and blue Cybertronian truck with hard edges and built like a battering ram.


Ultra Magnus comes not only packed with the same blaster that Optimus came with, but he comes with a sword as well.

What is really cool about the sword, is that it breaks down and combines with the blaster to make an even BIGGER sword. The bigger sword is reminiscent of the sword that Optimus uses at the end of FoC in the fight against Megatron.


Like most of the new Generation molds, Ultra Magnus has plenty of articulation allowing him to take all sorts of poses. All geared up, he does look good. Since TF:A, Magnus has been depicted as having a hammer as a weapon, I think I might have preferred that instead of the sword.



 I figured since I had Magnus out, I'd use his gear to upgrade Optimus.

Ultra Magnus and Optimus...

How could I not get a shot or two of FP City Commander upgraded Ultra Magnus as compared to FoC Ultra Magnus? BIG difference.

Overall, since Magnus is an Optimus mold, I was happy with him from the start. I like the colors and I like the retooled head. While he's not as extensively retooled as Sideswipe, he still has enough to distinguish him visually. According to a recent article on, 3rd Party company Transforming Toys will be releasing an upgrade kit for this particular mold to make Ultra Magnus more... Ultra Magnus-y(?). There are no shots of it yet, just a silhouette, but it appears to be a parts-forming trailer that will add mass to Magnus' partially transformed Bot-mode.

If you like the FoC Optimus  mold, and if you have to add to your Ultra Magnus collection, then this is definitely a figure to pick up. For me, adding a sword to Optimus was totally worth it. Hopefully, this wave will stick around long enough for you to find your own.

Pics, words, and being 'just a solider' by Scion of Primus.