Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Transformers Generations - Deluxe FoC Sideswipe

Moving right along with our late 2012 wave of the Transformers - Generations Fall of Cybertron wave, we come to Sideswipe. Sideswipe is one-half of the Autobot brothers that was given a role in TF:FoC. He was a given form in War for Cybertron's Muilti-player, but we never did get to see him in game. He makes an actual on-screen appearance in FoC, helping Cliffjumper and Jazz to the Sea of Rust.

Speaking of FoC Jazz... Sideswipe is a retooled, repaint of the FoC Jazz mold. But a well done one. Does Sidewswipe race past other figures, or merely trade paint? Take a look after the jump!

Sideswipe's packaging is the standard red card that the past few Generations waves have been showing up in. Like the rest, we get some excellent card art of Sideswipe at the top of the card. We also get a nice shot of his Alt-mode on the bubble insert.

Like the front, the back is standard. We gets shots of Sideswipe in both modes, notes on him and his accessory, a battle cannon (FoC's Path-Blaster!), a bio, and Tech-Spec.

Slice into the packaging and we find the usual tray, paper ties, and folded instructions.

As I mentioned earlier, Sideswipe is a repaint of the FoC Jazz mold. The basic bits and frame are all the same, albeit molded in different colors. Where the toy really shines in its differences are the completely retooled parts. He's got not only a retooled head, but the entire main body of the Alt-mode is comprised of all new parts giving him his own unique look.

Sideswipe transforms in the exact same fashion as Jazz.

Start Sideswipe's transformation by popping the plates his arms are attached to up and away from his body. The shoulder plate also needs to be detached and rotated ever so slightly to help in the transformation. All the plates that make up the top of the Alt-mode get folded up and forward and Sideswipe's head gets moved underneath.

Rotate the arms at the bicep and snap the small tab into place in the panel on the underside of the upper arm. Rotate Sideswipe's feet to point down and then fold the legs in under the Alt-mode body. The arms will peg into place along the body. Fold the hands in to form the 'back' of the Alt-mode.

Sideswipe's Alt-mode, like most Autobots, is that of a sleek car or as the package calls it, a "Cybertronian Racer". I like the red and white colors with the hints of black and white; it's a nice looking retool of Jazz.


The one accessory that Sideswipe comes with is a huge "Battle Cannon". But look a little more closely... it's the FoC Path-Blaster. So far, the new wave has incorporated some nice gear from the game linking these figures to it rather well beyond just the look of the figure. The Path-Blaster has an extending barrel allowing the weapon to be long-barreled or 'snub-nosed'. Personally, I prefer the long barreled look.

For the Alt-mode, the Path-Blaster can be pegged into the top of the vehicle or it's side. Either way, it looks a bit odd due to it's size.

For Sideswipe's Bot-mode, the path-Blaster is equally large, being almost as big as Sideswipe himself.

Overall, Sideswipe is a good figure. He may be a repaint and a retool, but the added parts and change of color make him different enough to warrant buying him and adding another great figure to your collection. Along with the rest of the wave, I have been seeing more of him, but considering Hasbro's look into 2013, he may not be available for much longer, so get yours while you can.

Sideswipe and Jazz, the Barney and James Stinson twins of Transformers. Legend... DAIRY.

Pics, words, and correlation by Scion of Primus.