Monday, February 18, 2013

Transformers Generations - Deluxe FoC Kickback

Finally... starting to get around to some of these toys I've had laying around.

Joe here! Today we're going to take a look at one of the newer Transformers - Generations Deluxe figures, Fall of Cybertron Kickback! I was able to get my hands on this entire wave thanks to my friend Sean, and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised with this entire wave.

But like I said, Kickback is first... let's see how this Insecticon's new chassis stands up after the jump!

Like the current Generations figures, Kickback comes carded on a very colorful card. Primarily red with a lighter grid pattern, we get some excellent art of Kickback's Bot-mode at the top of the card. Since Kickback comes packed in Bot-mode, the card insert gives us a nice shot of his Alt-mode.

The back of the card is pretty standard fare for the Generations line. A shot of Kickback in both Bot and Alt modes along with a Bio and Tech-Spec readout. We also get a note as to what his accessory is.. a disc launcher... that has an uncanny resemblance to the FoC game's Gear Shredder gun.

Slicing into the package we find the normal plastic tray with paper ties and  instructions folded underneath.

I have to say... Kickback looks great in Bot-mode. Getting him into Alt-mode did require some use of the instructions. A bit of his transformation was not intuitive and had me scratching my head more than once. We'll start in Alt-mode and work our way back to Bot-mode.

First note... his Bot-mode legs don't get connected to ANYTHING. They don't clip or snap into or onto anything...  they're just kind of there. The overall Alt-mode looks good and all... but I'm not to keen on just having parts hang out.

To transform Kickback, we'll start by pulling his wings off. Well... by that I mean unhook the translucent purple plastic wings... and set them aside. Swing the large, rear legs forward.

The hips are comprised of smaller parts that need to be snapped together to help finish the legs...

Take the rear-most part of the Alt-mode and 'break' it in half; these halves will form the arms.

The upper portion of the chest needs a little manipulation to get Kickback's head into place.

Rotate the arms and swing them down to the sides. Slide the forearm sections up to expose his hands further.

The insect 'wings' rotate and come out over his shoulders.

Rotate the legs at the thigh and then again at the ankle to finish off Kickback's legs.

Once in Bot-mode, Kickback does look pretty good. He's colored in the classic Insecticon black, purple, and gold with the addition of some grey now. The paint apps on mine are fairly crisp and I didn't notice any glaring errors.

The 'disc-launcher' that Kickback comes with incorporates his Alt-mode wings. Snap them into the sides of the front end and you get what looks like a Cybertronian cross-bow. The disc fits into the end and then by pushing the back of the weapon forward, the disc launches... more like just kind of pops... out.

Thanks to the new engineering of the Generations line, Kickback is full of joints. Swivel, ball, and hinge joints abound making for a quite poseable figure. The joints are strong enough to even allow him to hold his weapon with arm outstretched.

The wings can be removed from the launcher and used as swords. I like Transformers with swords. I like the juxtaposition of high-tech and primitive. Don't hate me for liking Drift.

I also tried to leave the wings on in Bot-mode. It looks kind of cool... but it really leaves the insect arms hanging pretty far off of his back. Farther than I'd like...

And of course, he IS Kickback... so I had to try some different kicking shots...

Overall, I'm fairly happy with Kickback... though honestly, his Bot-mode more so than his Alt-mode. He fills a classic niche for me and unlike his original G1 brethren, kept his name (Shrapnel got changed to Sharpshot and Bombshell was changed to Hardshell). Hopefully, we'll be getting updates of them... though looking at the Transformers news from ToyFair, it doesn't seem likely.

Pics, words, and ELECTRONS... electrons... by Scion of Primus.