Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Transformers Generations - Deluxe FoC Air-Raid

Moving right along on this new wave of Transformers Generations, we come to our next figure in the line, the repaint of FoC Shockwave, Air-Raid. Air-Raid may be a repaint, but he has a few newly tooled parts that help make him stand out.

Is he a cheap knock-off, or does he fly high? Check it out after the jump!

Air-Raid comes to us packed in the standard Generations red card. Some excellent character art adorns the top of the card and we get a nice view of the figure's Alt-mode on the insert.

The back of the card gives us the normal shots of Bot and Alt modes, Bio, Tech-Spec, and notes about his accessories.

Slicing into the package, we find the normal plastic tray with paper ties and instructions folded underneath.

Taking Air-Raid out of the tray, we find we have a repaint of FoC Shockwave. But, Air-Raid has a retoold head and chest plate.

Air-Raid's accessories consist of a blaster type weapon and 2 swords; one normal and one scissor bladed. Each of these weapons can be held separately or combined into one GINORMOUS sword.


Since Air-Raid is a repaint, he transforms into his Alt-mode exactly like Shockwave.

Fold Air-Raid's hands inward and pop his shoulders away from his body. Lift the torso section up and flip all the way around to his back.

Rotate his arms so all the tabs and slots line up. Fold them inward and snap them together. At the arm joints, fold them so the tabs on the elbows fit into the backside of the chest piece.

For Air-Raid's legs, they will need to be lined up and snapped together. The black and gold plate on the lower leg gets rotated up to the thigh. Next, we need to fit his weapons into place. Unlike Shockwave's gun, Air-Raid's weapons don't fit perfectly. Affix the sword to the blaster and then fold the sword blade back. There is a post hole on the blaster stock that will peg into place in Air-Raid's crotch. Snap the legs together to finish this part of the transformation.

The next step is pretty easy... swing the feet to face front and rotate the wings.

The last part is affixing Air-Raid's scissor blade to the top of his Alt-mode. Open the blade and fold it almost entirely back on itself. On top of the Alt-mode is a post that will fit into a hole in the sword's hilt.

Air-Raid's Alt-mode is about 95% Shockwave's. The differences of course being the color... red, black, and gold versus purple... and the plates that was on his chest. It has more detail than Shockwave's simple flat panel piece.

Once again, the Generations molds come through in  the articulation department. There are plenty of swivel, hinge, and ball joints to allow for a myriad of poses. The joints are strong enough to allow Air-Raid to hold them even when armed with outlandishly huge weapons.

Air-Raid's blaster and larger sword can combine with the smaller scissor-bladed sword to make for quite the large blade. Basically, you pop the smaller blade onto a post and open the blades up to form a hilt of sorts. While not really adding any more length, it's still a rather large weapon.


All in all, I'm good with Air-Raid. He's a decent repaint of the Shockwave mold with enough different bits to allow him to stand out. I like the accesories... even though a sword doesn't really say "Air-Raid" to me. If you liked the Shockwave mold, then you will certainly appreciate the Air-Raid mold. I've been seeing this wave pop up at Toys R Us, but with Beast Hunters hitting and more planned, I'm not sure how much longer this Generations wave will be available. So go get yours now if you can.

Pics, thoughts and barrel-rolling by Scion of Primus.