Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Reviews From My Desk - Transformers Kre-O Devastator

In today's Review From My Desk, I've brought the second of my newest Kre-O combiners, 'Constructicon' Devastator! We put Superion together yesterday and he needs an opponent to throw down with, so let's put Devastator togther and lay the smack down.

Take a peek after the jump to see how Lil' Devy turns out!

I have to say... these little Combiners have been a pleasant surprise. Not only do I get plenty of the bots that have become favorite characters, but Hasbro threw in a minor transformation gimmick that gives them an added play value. Now, I won't be going out and buying two of everything just so I can have both builds on display, but don't think the thought hasn't crossed my mind.

Devastator comes in the same type of box that housed Superion. It's a small 6"x6"x2" box that is well detailed. The front gives us a shot of the finished Devastator as well has his 4 component bots. Notice, ONLY 4 Bots. We did get Hook in the 1st wave of Blind-Bags but that still only gives us 5 Bots; Devastator was comprised of 6. The one absent Bot? Long Haul. Hopefully, we'll get him in a future Blind-Bag assortment.

The side of the box gives us a nice set of head-shots for the team. The back gives us another breakdown of Devastator and his components along with a shot of the other sets currently available.


Cut open the box and and we find a full-color instruction manual, a set of stickers, and all 4 bots in their own bags with a 5th bag of parts to help us build Devastator.

First up, we have Bonecrusher...

Second, Mixmaster. His Alt-mode takes a bit of imagination to fully realize. It's pretty weak.

Next up is Scavenger. I actually like his little Alt-mode.

Finally, we have the team leader, Scrapper. Scrapper uses the first two stickers on our sheet adding some detail to his Alt-mode's bucket and driver compartment.

All 4 Constructicons are molded in their original bright green and purple which makes them pretty striking visually.

Tearing into our 5th bag, we can start building Devastator. Using Scrapper and Mixmaster along with a few extra plates and some of the grey 'arm' pieces, we get well under way.

Using a few extra parts and wheels, we get Devastator's torso. There are even some small purple wing pieces that make an easily recognizable chest shield.

The instructions tell you to use one of the visored heads for Devastator's... Scrapper's I believe. I tried it and really didn't care for it. I found that Mixmaster's angry head was much better suited to being Devastator's 'Rage' head.

 Using more of the grey 'arm' pieces and some extra bits we get Devastator's arms. The legs of two of our Constructicons form his hands.

Since the combiners are all based on the Kreon frame, they wind up being about the same size, which is nice.

You can't have Devastator without someone there calling the shots for him, why not Megatron? Also, since Hook wasn't included in the build, I had to get a shot of him as well.

Devastator takes his place in my Kreon display...

Devastator and... Devastator. I LOVE that little Devastator!

Every time I have a Devastator, I just have to recreate the DW scene with Optimus driving at him, launching up, transforming, and blasting away. It's one of my favorite Optimus moments.

Stay tuned as next we look at Predaking!

Pics, words, and Devastation by Scion of Primus