Monday, February 11, 2013

Reviews From My Desk - Transformers Kre-O Superion

Hey everyone! Joe here to bring you a look at some fun new little product in my first installment of what I'm gonna call 'Reviews From  My Desk'! I have a little free time throughout the day while I work and I figured since I was going to put these little guys together at my desk for display anyway, why not get some pics and share.

Today, we're going to take a look at the first of the 4 new Transformers Kre-O Micro-Changer Combiners, Superion. Take a peek after the jump!

I've always been a fan of LEGO's... and I mean come on, who isn't... and when Hasbro announced in 2011 that they were going to be stepping foot into the building block market I was a little worried. It's a market that LEGO absolutely dominates, and with good reason. LEGOs are a solid product that have been going strong for decades. The only competition that they get is from Mega Bloks, and let's be honest... Mega Bloks kinda suck. The mini-figures are odd, the instructions are vague, and they don't stick together as well as LEGOs. So seeing that there was something new in the works didn't really blow my skirt up. That they were going to be Transformers themed helped, but didn't put me over. 

Thankfully,  Hasbro pulled it off.  Kre-O are well designed and have only gotten better. The figures, as the boxes show, do NOT convert; meaning you have to build them in one form or another. But both builds have proven to be sturdy and look decent. Where these sets really win me over is the mini-figs, or as Hasbro has taken to calling them, Kreons. The Kreons are cute little representations of the characters I love. They've brought in all sorts of characters from classic G1, to some of the later characters like Bludgeon, to newer characters like Airachnid. The newest sets, the blind-bag Micro-Changer waves bring us figures that, even at the Kreon scale, can be built in either Bot or Alt modes. On top of that, 4 new sets have been released that form some of the classic G1 combiners. These little sets are made up of 4 Kreons that can be built in Bot or Alt modes and then, using some extra parts, form a classic G1 combiner character.

Up first, the Aerialbots and Superion!

The boxes these come in are fairly small... measuring about 6"x6" and only about 2" deep. The front has a nice shot of the finished Superion and his component parts in both their Bot and Alt modes. The side panel gives us a nice set of head-shots of the individual Bots.

The back of the box gives us another breakdown of Superion and his component Bots. The bottom gives a shot of the other Combiners that are available;  Bruticus, Predaking, and 'Constructicon' Devastator.

Cut the tape and pour out what's inside and we find a full-color instruction book and 5 sealed bags for all our parts. We get each character in his own bag and then a 5th bag of extra parts to make Superion along with some stickers

The first Bot I opened happened to be the Aerialbot team leader, Silverbolt. While the Bot-modes of all the Micro-Changers has been a fun representation of the individual characters, the Alt-modes, while clever, leave a little to be desired and a little stretching of the imagination.

Up next, Fireflight. Or as he's now known, thanks to copyright, Firestrike.

Next up, Skydive.

And finally, Air-Raid.

Sadly, these combiner sets are only formed out of 4 characters instead of the 5 the original teams consisted of. Even so, Hasbro did make Slingshot, or Quickslinger as he's now known, available in the first wave of the Micro-Changer blind-bag assortment.

The final bag of parts consists of what we will need to make Superion.

Superion's legs are comprised of Air-Raid and Skydive sitting on some extra plates used for the feet. The spare parts bag comes with socketed grey 'arms' that wind up being the thighs. These are then snapped into an extra Kreon crotch piece. Silverbolt and Firestrike have their torsos used as Superion's main body. Using some extra plates and bits we get the chest shield and wings on his back. The instructions tell you to use Skydive's head for Superion's.

Two more of the grey 'arms' get used with a few extra bits to form Superion's upper arms and then the legs of both Silverbot and Firestrike are used as Superion's 'hands'. Various weapons that came with the 4 Bots are used as Superion's guns.

Since Quickslinger came in the blind-bag assortment, he's not a part of the finished Superion. I'm sure if I really wanted to, I could figure out a build that included all 5 of the Aerialbots to make Superion. But, I like these little combiners just fine as is. The finished product looks good and thanks to some hinges and ball joints has decent articulation. I'm looking forward to putting the other 3 together.

The shelf at my desk at work has become the home of ALL of my Kreons from the various sets that have been released thus far. I do get some interesting looks at work for what's at my desk.

You'll also notice a Generations Dinobot there  :)

Pics and building of things by Scion of Primus.