Friday, February 15, 2013

Reviews From My Desk - Kre-O "Beast Blade" Optimus Prime

It's Friday! And what better way to spend a Friday than playing with Optimus Prime!

Today's Review From My Desk brings us one of the newest Kre-O sets, the Transformers: Prime - Beast Hunters themed, "Beast Blade" Optimus Prime! This set gives us an idea of what to expect in the upcoming Season 3 of Transformers Prime. Shockwave creates the new Predacons to take on the Autobots who in turn step up their offensive capabilities with all manner of spiky bits and weaponry.

So how does this new build help Optimus himself? Take a peek after the jump!

So far... all we know about TF: Prime season 3 is that it is themed as "Beast Hunters". We've had a few of the Deluxe figures and a pair of Voyager figures hit the shelves already. We've got spike covered Autobots, a multi-headed dragon, and a smaller lizard creature making an appearance. The preview shown shortly after ToyFair (which still has posted HERE) shows Shockwave telling us about his newest creations and revealing Predaking to us. I'm certainly excited about this.

The first 2 Kre-O sets to hit the shelves give us Rip-Claw and Optimus Prime. I passed on getting Rip-Claw, but I had to get myself the Optimus set.

Optimus comes packed in the standard, VERY, colorful Kre-O clam-shell box. The front of the box gives us  Optimus set up in a battle against a beast-mode Laserback along with a shot of the sets Kreon Mini-figs; Optimus Prime and Energon Kicker. I was honestly surprised to see Kicker. For those that don't know, Kicker was one of the human characters from the Transformers: Energon cartoon. He was your typical whiny human, but he could detect Energon deposits so he played a fairly large role in the series.

The back of the box gives us a fairly good look at everything contained within. Optimus is shown in both Bot and Alt-modes. We have a shot of Laserback, who only appears to have a beast mode build, the Kicker and Optimus Prime Kreons, and shots of the 'action' features built into the builds; namely launching projectiles.


Cut open the box and we have a couple of bags for all our parts, and a full-color instruction manual. Unlike previous sets that had the sticker sheet in one of the bags, I found it nestled between the cover and front page of the instruction book.

Taking a look at the instruction book, we find that the back has shots of the other upcoming Beast Hunter Kre-O sets. I recognize Bumblebee and Trailbreaker (or TrailCUTTER now) right off the bat...

The first thing I did was tear into the little bags and put the Kreons together. Again, I was pleasantly surprised to get Kicker... and I always appreciate an Optimus. Note that Optimus' faceplate was not painted silver like previous versions have been. It might just be silver Sharpie time.

Since I don't have a ton of space to work with at my desk, I poured most everything into the box and left some of the smaller or more important parts aside.

The instructions start off by having us build Laserback. He's alright. He may not have a Bot-mode, but the beast mode does have a ball-jointed tail and a projectile launching gimmick that works fairly decently.


Once Laserback was finished, I started in on Optimus himself. The instruction book starts off with Optimus being built in Alt-mode... a big ham-fisted truck with a spiky grill and missiles!



Since this is a Kre-O set and "Product Does Not Convert", you have to tear Optimus' Alt-mode down to get him built into Bot-mode. Optimus' Bot-mode is pretty sturdy. Kre-Os use rubber ball-jointed pieces for their articulation. These work fairly well and allows for Optimus to hold the poses you put him into.

Since he's "Beast Blade" Optimus Prime, he wouldn't be complete without some sort of blade. Optimus also comes armed with a shield for defense. And just in case that sword isn't enough, Optimus has a projectile launching system build onto his back.

One thing that I found rather surprising was, unlike previous Kre-O sets, Beast Blade Optimus comes with 2 sets of rubber hands! A closed fist, a fist to hold his sword, a pointing hand, and a grasping hand. This gives you quite a few options for display purposes.

As I mentioned earlier, the rubber ball-joint system used allows Optimus to take a variety of poses and hold them well. I was even able to have his shield raised WITH Laserback attached in an attacking pose.

Beast Blade Optimus Prime does look good and he'll definitely look good on my Kre-O Optimus shelf at home.

Overall, I've been happy with Hasbro's Kre-O product. While I don't buy all the sets, focusing almost exclusively on the Kreons and Optimus Primes, the sets I have picked up have delivered both look and quality. If you like LEGOs and Transformers, then these sets are certainly worth picking up.

Words, building, and goofing off at work by Scion of Primus.