Friday, February 22, 2013

Marvel Select: Eddie Brock Venom

Marvel Select's Venom, the Eddie Brock Venom.  Seriously, I can only come up with one word: WOW!

You can feel the love that went into Marvel Select Venom.  Tons ands tons of love for the character's history.  It comes through in every aspect of the figure.  3 different heads highlight his past.  You have Todd McFarlane's style head.  You have the most recent (albeit that it has been quite some time since Eddie Brock has been Venom) crazy demon styled Venom head.  And also you get the half transformed head.  That one is the cherry on top.  Fan-freaking-tastic!

Let's hit articulation quick.  Ankle joint, no rocker ankles.  Single knee joint.  Joint right above the knee in the thigh.  Double jointed hip that works like a ball joint without taking away from the sculpt.  The waist has a swivel.  He has a joint with limited movement below his rib cage.  Shoulder ball joints, single jointed elbow joint, a joint above the bicep, and a simple wrist swivel.  The head is a ball joint with a forward-back hinge.  Articulation is pretty much what Mattel has been using in the DC Universe lines as of late.  Not to shabby for Marvel Select.  In fact, it's pretty awesome.

Packaging.  You know the packaging.  Kinda like a book for your shelf.

Accessories.  The only thing this figure is missing is webs.  He has 3 heads, the weird back piece that gives you a ton of extra Vemon melons and two extras arms, and two more arms the insert into Venom's forearms.    Pretty much over the top figure that hits absolutely everything you would want from a Venom figure.  His tongue is removable and you have 3 sets of hands to play with.  The hands on the crazy piece for his back are removable!

There is one issue however.  When he is fully decked out in all of his Venom-ness.  His joints can't hold up the weight.  His knees and ankles start to move if you have him in any position other than straight up and down.

You can decide for yourself in the pictures to follow.  I personally haven't had a figure that I have enjoyed more in the past year.  Seriously great figure.


 At this point, I wish I had a regular 6 inch Spider-Man... it is now on the top of my list...

 Look for the other Venom from Zak soon... Flash Thompson makes a damn good figure too...