Saturday, February 23, 2013

Marvel Legends Hit Monkey Series: Red She-Hulk

Whether you like the idea about the Ross' being Red Hulks or not, they are here to stay.  I was drawn into a recent Marvel story with her and Machine Man and I have to say, entertaining.  In the current story arc, she is on a quest for her sword which thankfully is packed with the figure!

The Hit Monkey series has some well done figures in it.  Between Archangel and the She-Hulks, the execution has been spot on.  I really feel that Marvel Legends is beginning to hit its stride in the newest incarnation and I can't wait to see where it takes us in the next few years.

Red She-Hulk has quite a history.  If you would like a crash course, you can visit her wiki: Red She-Hulk

The packaging is the sharp and consistent with the previous waves.  The artwork in The Hit Monkey series is done by Clayton Crain.  And it is pretty darn good!  The Hulkettes are a welcome addition to my growing Marvel Legends collection.  Need her for your collection?  Click her to buy from BBTS: Red She-Hulk or just buy the set: Wave 1 2013

Hit Monkey is one of the small build-a-figures featured in this years run of Marvel Legends.  You can expect to see Rocket Raccoon and Puck in upcoming waves.  In this series, only three figures come with parts: The Hulkettes, Warriors of the Mind, and the Conquering Heroes.  The Hulkettes come with the torso and legs.  Once you collect both variants of these figures, you will have two Hit Monkeys!  One for a friend!

The sculpt on Red She-Hulk is pretty darn good.  She has a good muscle tone without looking completely silly.  Her proportions are great.  But I must admit that it's hard to keep my eyes off of her low cut shirt.  I dare say that she is sexy.  Comic artists know how design, don't they?

Articulation is great.  Rocker ankles, double jointed knees, ball hips and another joint at the top of thigh round out the legs.  Her arms have a ball jointed shoulder, a joint above the biceps, a standard elbow, and extra articulated wrists.  She does not have a waist joint but she does have a joint above her abdomen which allows for a range of movement.  Her sculpted hair does not allow for a large range of motion in her neck, but honestly, the positives outweigh this tiny negative. Ah, and it would have been nice for her to hold her sword in two hands.  I am quite happy with Red She-Hulk, and I look forward to Lyra!

The paint on her face is a little bit shinier than her body.  It's kinda annoying when it shows up as a glare in pictures.  Just sayin'.  This particular Red She-Hulk has a little extra silver on her chest.  Whoops!

"Hey Dad...."

Pics and words by Jason