Monday, February 4, 2013

Iron Man 3 Marvel Legends: Iron Patriot (Updated with New Photos)

Thanks to a heads up from Doug (thanks Doug!), I managed to get my hands on the first wave of Marvel Legends: the Iron Man 3 wave.  How does Norman Osborn as Iron Patriot stack up to the plethora (Forgive me, El Guapo. I know that I, Jefe, do not have your superior intellect and education.of Armored Marvel characters?  Check him out after the jump.
Mostly a straight repaint of the Extremis Armor from wave 1 of RoML (read the review here), Iron Patriot has a few changes and updates.  First, the star on his chest.  This is an obvious retool.  The rest of the figure is just like the first incarnation with a little paint.  Although it should be mentioned that his hands are reversed.  Instead of an open left hand and a fist of the right, Iron Patriot has an open right hand and a closed left.  It makes me sad that we could have had interchangeable hands in each of these versions.

Now if you recognize this as Norman Osborn, you are pretty familiar with the Dark Reign story arc...  the story arc that never seemed to end.  Norman was the hero of the Secret Invasion arc and it pushed him quickly to the top as the head of HAMMER which was the replacement to SHIELD.  It went on for a bit too long but it turned the Marvel Universe upside down, which I applaud.

The movie inspired packaging is pretty sharp.  I wish Mattel took some notes from Hasbro when it comes to 6 inch movie inspired figures.  This is something I could get used to.  And the comic style Iron Monger Collect and Connect doesn't hurt either...

This body has an amazing amount of movement with its articulation.  I was surprised and delighted with the level of fun that kind of movement brings...  

(note: I had an issue with the reflection of light in a lot of the pics I took for Iron Patriot, I will be adding more pictures tomorrow.  Please check back!)

In the end, Norman Osborn will still lose....

And now we have Iron Monger... well his legs and torso!

 Words and pic by Jason

Update by Zak, Feb 4th - Jason asked me to add some of my own photos of this figure, since his camera crapped its pants.  So here you go.  Also, here's my mini review, to tag on here:  This figure rocks.  But it would rock even more if it weren't a repaint of the Extremis figure.  I would have much rather seen a movie Mark 4/6 body repainted with a re-tooled chest to add the star, since that design seems to more closely match most of this character's comic appearances.  But yeah.  Pretty awesome figure.