Thursday, February 21, 2013

GI Joe Retaliation: Lady Jaye

The Retaliation line is a mixed bag.  Some unarticulated POS's followed by some amazing well-executed figures.  Lady Jaye is sort of a strange figure.  It doesn't seem to capture Adriana Palicki's beautiful face at all.  Although that could be attributed to the paint apps.  As I compare the head to her pics, the shape seems right.  Want to compare it for yourself?  Click through the jump!

Seriously, no comparison.  Of course the hair color is different, but I still can't see it.  Too bad.  It would have made a nice figure...  Although I think I'd prefer her in the red dress as seen in the trailer.

With that being said, I do like the figure.  She works for me.  Not accurate but good.  I think some alteration to the paint colors and lipstick could have resulted in a sharper figure.  Oh well, I'm good with it as is.  The more I played with her, the more I liked her.  

The body is all Renegades (ugh, Renegades...) Scarlett which was well designed in the first place (although horribly colored and that head... ugh).  It's not sexy by any means, but hey GI Joe is for kids right?  Not some 30-something-guy who grew up with the line.  The face sculpt isn't terrible, however I feel the color of the plastic and lipstick color distract us from an otherwise decent sculpt.  

And the weapons.  No shortage there!  Tons of gear.  She even comes with two backpacks.  Swanky!  For a figure without the newer extra articulation in her hands, she can sure hold onto her weapons!  Definitely a must have for your GI Joe movie collection, if you have one.  She needs to take her place next to The Rock and John McClane on your shelf.  She must!

(note: I will never use the blue backdrop again!)

The packaging is familiar... nothing different here except the pics on the back.

No shooty gun!  Hoorah!!

I must admit, she looks good next to Law...   

pics and words by Jason


  1. Why does she need to be sexy? Sorry if I sound like a feminist (I dated one for a few months and she kinda rubbed off on me), but I'd rather my female soldier action figures look like...well, female soldiers, not some crazy-ass New 52 redesign of Lady Jaye.

    1. Probably because it's supposed to be based on an actual person's likeness, and that person is pretty sexy. Take it up with the producers of the movie, not Hasbro, I guess.

    2. Jason and I discussed this last night. Actors and actresses, in order to have toys made of them, have to allow companies to use their likeness. I'd guess that Adrienne Palicki did not sign off on her likeness for the figure and so we now have a Lady Jaye, but not and Adrienne Palicki Lady Jaye.

    3. Oh, I understand about the face sculpt not hitting the mark (it's not one of Hasbro's best 4" scale female faces, but it's not horrible). But the "it's not sexy" comment was in the paragraph talking about the body, so it seemed like the reviewer was lamenting that Lady Jaye wasn't stuffed in a tight outfit like Agent Helix or packing a rack like the first 25th Anniversary Lady Jaye.

    4. Google GI Joe Retaliation Lady Jaye. You will see how she is portrayed in the movie. Based on that she should be sexy. Unless you don't want Hasbro to recreate the characters accurately.

    5. Scion of Primus, they most definitely had the sign-off to use her likeness. I think your just scrutinizing the sculptor. Though I think it looks enough like her in the movie, apparently you just don't. I know it's not as dead-on as say the Rock or Bruce's figures, but it might help if you used an image of the actress as Lady Jaye as opposed to a blond headshot of her.