Wednesday, February 13, 2013

GI Joe Retaliation: Dark Ninja

Dark Ninja.  We have seen this particular sculpt a few times now.  It's still a great body to re-paint!  Personally, I prefer the red ninja over this rendition (if I can ignore the lack of gear with the red ninja).  If he would have been a bit darker I probably would own a few of these.

Let's get down and dirty.  Same sculpt as the red ninja and the Renegades Storm Shadow and we all hunted those for a bit.  You can read about them here: Storm Shadow and here: Red Ninja

Not much difference besides the gear.  The glider doesn't fit perfectly, but good enough to play with and have fun with it.  I love the colors and the Cobra symbol on the glider.  But honestly, I wouldn't have known what to do with the weird claws things if the instructions were not included.  Claws, swords and a scabbard let this ninja be a ninja!  Honestly if the second head and extra gear pictured on the back were included, I think this would be a great figure.  As he stands, he is a pretty darn good ninja!

Words and pics by Jason


  1. This is just a plain old cool ninja army building figure, i plan on getting a few myself. Great review!

    1. Agreed. It's hard to pass up what is essentially a generic ninja figure. Hopefully these see a decent amount of distribution, I have a feeling army builders will be clamoring for this guy!

  2. Man, even the mandatory spring-loaded doohickey with this one is kinda cool. they need to make blue, pink and yellow though, so I can customize me some Mighty Morphin' Ninjetti costumes! :)

  3. How is the plastic quality? My Retaliation Red Ninja feels like he's made from silly putty and has a horrible time staying posed...