Monday, February 11, 2013

GI Joe Retaliation: Cobra Invasion Team 3 pack

As a whole, I thought the Cobra Invasion three pack was the weaker of the wave 2 packs.  Firefly is great.  The Cobra invasion trooper has potential as a standalone figure and also as a kitbash victim.  But Storm Shadow quite honestly is a super low point for me.  It doesn't help that my Storm Shadow isn't a hipster ninja, I half expect him to pull out a PBR and change into some skinny jeans...

The packaging works just fine.  It showcases the figures while not getting too showy.  And what kid does not like a working parachute?!?!

Let's start with the good.  Firefly.  This a pretty good Firefly.  I miss those wonderful hinged wrists.  I think I am getting a little spoiled with GI Joe articulation.  No lack of gear here.  Backpack, webgear, two IED Bombs, three weapons, and a knife.  Well sculpted, Firefly is exactly what you would expect from Firefly.  And his best feature is his improvised explosive devices.  Sure, there are 2 spots on his webgear to stick them: one on the front and one on the back.  But the kicker with the IEDs is that they fit onto the footpegs of vehicles!  Allowing for Firefly to actually place the bombs!  How awesome is that?!?!

The Cobra Invasion Trooper is an interesting figure.  He has gear and plenty of options on how to "dress" him.  With his mask on, I feel he comes across a little two "red."  I like the basic idea of the figure, but in the end he feels a little incomplete to me.  It's either the gear or the color choices.  I like all the parts, but not when the are all combined together.  See what has been done with his parts here: Kitbash!

If you can't figure out how to get the parachute pack onto your trooper or how to launch him with great distance, Hasbro included a little cheat sheet!

Now, the worst: Storm Shadow.  I really do not like him.  At all..  He has gear.  Sure, quite a bit of it.  He cant be posed with his bow well and of course I hate his outfit.  Completely.  Saving grace?  He comes packed with two good to great figures.  Too bad they didn't just give us two invasion troopers...  it would have been a great improvement.

From left to right:  Great, Pretty Good, and THE SUCK!

Pics and words by Jason


  1. Im very excited about this set! This is the Firefly ive been waiting for! Ill be purchasing the movie figure so that i can swap out a unmasked version from time to time. Im a little concerned seeing how warped one of his legs is but its nothing hot water cant fix

    The para trooper is really exciting for me as i will be kitbashing him with acessories from the POC alley viper as seen on another sight.

    As for storm shadow, its all about the acessories for me, i have my retaliation wave 1 SS using 30th anniversays weapons at the moment so theyll be a welcome addition. As for the figure ill give him to my nephew, the next time i see it the legs will most likely havd been chewed off by the family dog...a fitting end muh ha ha ha.

    I really hope i dont have to fight the local jerk hoarder of for this, the dudes an ocd jerk.

  2. I've no idea why they opted to reuse the "Rise of Cobra" Storm Shadow figure for this particular pack-in.

  3. I have no idea why a paratrooper would want to have a bright red outfit. Seems like a good way to get shot out of the sky.

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  5. I really want this set just for that Firefly. I can pass on the other FF's but this one is the one I have wanted since the 25th ann. version. Invasion Trooper looks to be a straight repaint of the Shock Viper to me. Stormy, well, yeah. Looks like he has some of the same gear as the 30th version though. so that's cool.