Friday, February 1, 2013

G.I. Joe Club - Dice (Figure Subscription Service)

G.I. Joe loves its ninjas so it's not a surprise that the even in the early 90s, Hasbro was still kicking out new ninja characters for Snake Eyes to battle.  Dice along with Slice were the perfect enemies for G.I. Joe's Ninja Force.  And to be quite honest, they were also better looking figures.  Can you say Ninja Force Scarlett... yikes...
If you read my previous FFS figure reviews, you know the drill on the packaging.  It's really nice!

And check out the first release of Dice here: Dice on

Dice is a nice addition to our unofficial version of Slice which was released in the first Cobra Retaliation 3-pack.  He sports a removable mask and "webgear" and a ton of weapons: claws, two-headed spear, ax, and throwing stars.  The realm of posing possibilities is next to infinite.  Well, ok not that many...

He is missing a little movement in his ankles and wrists, but we are spoiled by Hasbro's PoC and 30th offerings.  The paint is sharp and the figure is nice.  He head sculpt is a little vanilla, but who cares, I won't display him without his mask anyhow.  Oh and he is super purple!!


Words and pics by Jason