Monday, February 25, 2013

Battleforce 2000

Every once in a while, a toy makes an impact on a kid.  In my case I loved Battleforce 2000 and what I viewed as their adversary: The Iron Grenadiers.  While the comic did not reinforce this (in fact the comic made them throw away characters), the packaging really made me believe that this was a good vs. evil situation with both sides having ludicrous futuristic vehicles and crazy characters.  What more can you ask for?!?!

Like I said the packaging tied the two sub lines together, and I loved them both.

A few years ago, I was perusing some Joe forums and ran across some amazing BF2000 customs done by MSWI.  I reached out to him and found that he took commissions   I wasted no time sending him cash for some amazing work!  However, I had no interest or connection to Dee-Jay so I do not have him.  Original pictures of the 1987 figures from

How can you tell me that you don't want these on the shelf?  Seriously!

Maverick and his Vector:


Avalanche and his Dominator:


Blocker and his Eliminator:


Knockdown and his Sky Sweeper:


Blaster and his Vindicator:


Dodger and his Marauder:



  1. So...into everyone but the black guy

    1. wow,nice comment. Everyone from the original team.

    2. <- See my avatar for my response to the above ANONYMOUS comment.

    3. You're the one that made a point of singling him out, LOL. Sorry, didn't realize so much changed between 1987 and 1989.

    4. My guess would be Jason's G.I.Joe collecting changed in those two years.