Monday, January 14, 2013

Matty Collector/Digital River Start the Year With a Bang?

2013 is here, and once again we've been promised improvements and benefits galore by Matty Collector. Well, tomorrow is the first official sale day, but subscribers have already benefited from the "perks". Click through to take a quick look at how the year is shaping up for Matty collectors.

2013 was touted as a year of upgrades for the slaves of Matty Collector (those being collectors of Masters of the Universe Classics, DC Universe and the Watchmen). Faced with (reportedly) low subscriber numbers threatening to "kill the lien", Matty pulled out all the stops to lock subscribers into another year of collecting agony. Never fear nay-sayers and skeptics, Matty promised us "sweet subscriber-only benefits" including Early Access, lower prices (well, relative to non-sub costs) and a "My Subscriptions" page to manage your subs online. How's that working out for you?

To start the year, MOTUC fans were treated to the news that the highly anticipated Ram-Man would be delayed until February. In and of itself, not that big of a deal, stuff happens. Unfortunately, the only reason this was the first delay of the year is that it's still January. This is the second month in a row of delays (albeit non-sub figures) and I've lost count of how many delays in the MOTUC line over all.

Well, at least the hassles of changing your credit card and/or shipping info would be solved by the My Subscriptions page, right? Not so fast. The page wasn't accessible until the middle of last week. At that point, some were told it was too late for changes to apply to their January subs. That's assuming you actually received your log-in link, which a good number have reported not receiving. Given that these subs have been closed for months, I think it's fair to say that Digital River/Matty had more than enough time to get the My Subscriptions feature up and running.

Hey look in my e-mail, it's a shipping notice! Glad to see my subs are registering. Wait, 1 Club Eternia, 3 Infinite Earths, 1 Watchmen, tax and shipping, $250?? Seems a little high for two $25 figures and three $18 figures. Invoice totals were all over the place. Most (if not all) subscribers were sent invoices for double, triple or more of what the cost should be. After twenty minutes on the phone with Digital River, no one could explain why the invoice was nearly double what it should be, but assured me the charge to my card would be $129 and some change. After I checking my credit card statement online, I  see that I have three pre-authorizations, one for each sub. Really, Digital River? It's 2013 and I don't have my fying cars. I can accept that. But you can't get it together enough to combine my subs into a single pre-authorization? As Bill Clinton would tell you in a diplomatic voice, it's "arithmetic". You may know it as math. Actually, based on your invoices, you may not know it at all.

Now, Early Access. Well, after about a half hour past the promised 8am time, early access items were finally available. Oh wait, you never got the e-mail with the log-in link? Oops. International collectors were treated to an unannounced large boost in shipping costs. Reportedly $30.15 for one Griffin, $21.70 for one Panthor and $38.25 to get a Battle Cat to Europe. Not sure why BC would cost nearly twice as much to ship as Panthor.

Bonus Matty Treat (courtesy of Drewsky on Log-In for your Early Access, then add a $35 Griffin to your cart. Click the MattyCollector Logo in the top left corner, then look at your cart. Ala-kazam, you can now pay $350 for your Griffin!

So am I being too harsh? Given that this line is going on it's fifth year, these commonplace mistakes become harder and harder to defend. Digital River, shape up. Matty, drop Digital River, or I will not be signing up for a sub next year. Fool me once, won't get fooled again.