Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Iron Man 3 Marvel Legends Wave 1 Revealed

Thanks to Entertainment Earth, tonight we have our first look at the first wave of Hasbro's Marvel Legends Iron Man 3 series.  Full pic and details after the jump.

BBTS was first to break the news of this line a couple weeks ago when they put the pre-order up, but now we have our first look at the first three figures thanks to EE.

"Classic Horned Iron Man" looks to be the same figure from the TRU 2-pack a few years ago, with swapable horned and un-horned heads.  Iron Patriot is the Norman Osbourne comic version, and is, unsurprisingly but disappointingly, a repaint of the Extremis figure.  And then there's Bleeding Edge Iron Man, who is a completely new sculpt and looks pretty good so far.  These figures all include a Build-a-Figure piece to make a massive comic version of Iron Monger, with the yet-to-be-revealed second wave including the final three pieces.


  1. why must i be such a sucker for iron manz... shit!

  2. i'm okay with the extremis Iron Patriot repaint cuz its such a good looking figure with (mostly) good articulation... i'm guessing they'll do a more movie accurate one in wave 2? and only 3 figs in a wave? kinda lacking. anyways, atleast these are better than the 3.75" figs...

  3. Maybe this is where the budget for the 4" figures went?

    Wouldn't it be cool if a 6" Black Widow was in the second wave?


    Love this lineup! Just hoping the second half aren't movie based. I hate buying movie toys to get comic BAF parts. that's why I didn't buy the first Hasbro ML waves back in 2008. T'aint got no need for X3 Beast or Juggernaut.

  5. there are a few pics of them in package here.


    though 4chan may not be SFW

    1. Awesome, thanks for sharing. I saw the classic Iron Man's packaging posted earlier today, but that's the first I've seen of the back of the cards. The "Coming Fall 2013" labels over the next 3 figures is pretty depressing, though.

  6. besides, the iron monger BAF is not as massive as shown in the pics, it will be like 8 inch tall at much :S