Friday, January 11, 2013

Hasbro Iron Man 3 Line Up Now Available for Pre-Order at BBTS

Check out Hasbro's initial Iron Man 3 product line up, thanks to BBTS.  No photos yet, just descriptions.  Pre-order link after jump.

Big Bad Toy Store sent this along today:

"Hi - we've just listed over 30 new preorders for cases, sets and singles of a wide variety of new Hasbro Iron Man 3 movie product. No images yet, but we expect to receive them on 1/23. There are many types of items including Marvel Legends, 3.75" figures & More"

So.  I guess it's going to be another disappointing year from Hasbro.  The "Assemblers" figures sound just like what we've been seeing on eBay, so no surprise there.  The price-point and figure names on the "basic" figures has me envisioning those looking like the crappy Dark Knight Rises figures from last year, but with even less articulation.  At least the Legends sound decent, though I can't say I'm thrilled with the announced assortment so far.  Guess we'll see how good (or bad) this all looks in a couple weeks.  And still no confirmed street date for this stuff, just "February". 

1 comment:

  1. This sounds like a glut of product that will not move for another two years.

    I understand that Hasbro is in the market to make toys for kids first and foremost; however, I cannot understand how they look at all of the unsold merchandise on shelves that fit into this type of play-pattern (those stupid hang-glider figures from The Avengers line) and say, "Yes. We should build a whole line around those."

    The 3 3/4" line that came out for Iron Man 2 was awesome. It featured great sculpts, and was mostly comprised of a lot of interesting/awesome characters. Even the few silly suits they shoe-horned in there weren't that bad. And ya know what? Save for the light-up figure from that line, I never saw any of them clogging the pegs.

    But, why complain? This will be another year that will see me saving money. That's never a bad thing.