Friday, January 25, 2013

G.I. Joe Club - Nano-B.A.T. (Figure Subscription Service)

If you are crazy about GI Joe like I am then the GI Joe Club is something you are a member of.  The club has managed to do what I thought was unthinkable for them: create a figure subscription service (FSS) that is really blowing my mind.  Sure the line up looked nice when they announced it.  And the samples looked good.  But those samples did not do these figures justice.  The Nano-B.A.T. is pure awesome troop building goodness!

The club excels at packaging.  Classic look.  File card on back.  All we are missing is some Flag Points!!

One of the most notable items of the FFS figures is the abundance of gear.  Sure these figures cost a pretty penny, but they are limited and don't skimp on the accessories.  I dare say too many... ok, I take that back.  You can't have too much gear or options when it comes to figures!

The B.A.T. mold has been used many many times over the past few years.  The 25th classic B.A.T.  The Resolute 5 pack kick-ass red-metallic and black B.A.T.  The Defense of Cobra Island Battle Damaged B.A.T.  The Jungle B.A.T.  The SDCC mine-is-still-in-the-box Constructicon colored B.A.T.  And pretty much, they are all good figures.  Some better than others.  I would place that Jungle B.A.T. at the bottom.  Then along comes the Nano-B.A.T.  When I first saw it, I thought,"BLECH! this thing sucks!"  So I paid little notice to it over the course of the 6 or so months waiting to hear about the actual sale.  Then the damn thing hit my front porch.  And my response was,"HOT DAMN THIS THING IS AWESOME!"  Seriously...  I love this B.A.T. and I wish the sold them in 5 packs...

You can grab one here: Nano-B.A.T. on BBTS

Like I said, they skimp on gear.  Battle damaged head and chest piece.  All the arm attachments.  The mancatcher.  A rifle.  Not too bad!  I do miss the holster and pistol though.  I thought that was always a nice feature on the 25th B.A.T.  Now what I think really did it for me was the choice of plastic and paint.  The clear light green plastic with the metallic-silver dry brush drove it home for me.  FANTASTIC!

"One of these B.A.T.s is not like the other... One of these B.A.T.s is doing his own thing!"

Pics and words by Jason