Wednesday, January 30, 2013

G.I. Joe Club - Agent Jinx (Figure Subscription Service)

GI Joe Club FSS figure: Agent Jinx.  Based on the Valor vs Venom figure, Jinx is definitely a gem for a GI Joe fan!  Just being a female GI Joe figure places her in a rare class.  The recent GI Joe lines: Pursuit of Cobra and 30th Anniversary left with one crappy female figure from Renegades: Scarlett.  Thankfully we don't have to rely on retail for our GI Joe fix.  Check out more pics and opinion after the jump!
The packaging follows the 25th style with the explosive background with hand painted art in front of it.  Complete with a file card, Jinx is a fantastically displayed work of art!  But, why can't we get the listing of gear like we did in the 80's.  I would love to know what all these weapons are really called!

As with the Nano-B.A.T. (previously reviewed), Jinx comes with a butt-ton of gear.  More than she probably needs, but it does allow for an extensive amount of display poses!

Her gear includes:
Sword (I'm sure it has a specific name)
Grappling Hook with rope
Leg Scabbard
Uzi with suppressor
2 arm swords (any help on the name of these would be great!)

By using the un-produced RoC City Strike Scarlett body with a newly sculpted head.  The GI Joe Club created a very nice updated version of VvV Jinx.  Well painted and executed, I am glad to own this little gem.  To be honest, you can see the difference of the sculpting quality between the club and Hasbro.  The club is a little under the curve.  Although this works, I believe there could have been a little bit better sculpt for the head.  Picky, sure, but why can't I be.  In the end, it works!  She has good articulation.  Very standard for the 25th style.


It's hard not to wonder what the figure would have looked like with the SDCC unmasked Jinx head...  here you go!  I really... REALLY like it better.

Pics and opinions by Jason