Thursday, January 24, 2013

DC Comics Unlimited - The Savage Hawkman (DCnU)

Finally!  DC Unlimited at Retail.  This little gem was found at Toys R Us by a friend of One Per Case's, Doug.  Thanks Doug!
I have been waiting months for the retail release of these figures.  I just can't preorder the first wave of something when retail is typically clogged with wave 1  of everything.  That and the case pack on these things just plain sucks, and yes Hawkman is One Per Case...  click past the jump for all the savageness of Hawkman.
The packaging on this line is sharp.  It's sleek and highlights artwork from the character's comic by Philip Tan.  I like it.

Of course, as with all packaging, there is quite a bit of air in under the bubble.

Armed with two weapon accessories, Hawkman brings claws and an ax to the fight!  He is very similar to the wave 6 DC Universe Hawkman.  He sports a new head, chest piece/belt, lower legs, and feet.  His hands/forearms are from an earlier figure: Wildcat.  The wings are the same as the first release.  But, this version uses all those pieces far better than the previous.  His articulation is standard for the DC Universe Classics line.  This may be the first time that I don't complain about the lack of rocker ankles.  He is a pretty darn fantastic figure.  And you can preorder him here: Hawkman on BBTS

The wings are very dynamic and were very well designed.  The coloration and paint applications are well done.

Improvement?  Yes.  More savage?  So much more savageness!  

Savageness gets the Hawkgirl!


 Pics and words by Jason