Monday, January 21, 2013

DC Club Infinite Earths - Platinum and Tin

December in Matty Club world was a real doozy.  Platinum and Lead are quite amazing and the inability of Digital River to actually send and process my sub was horrendous.  DR is a flipping joke...  But enough DR bashing in my review.  Needless to say, I had to resort to eBay to finish off my 2012 Club Infinite Earths.

Whatever fail you place on DR, the Four Horsemen make up for in product quality.  I can't really give Matty and Toy Guru any credit as they enable the continuing drama that is Digital River.  I would really expect Matty to care a bit more and attempt to find alternative means to get us product...  Day of sales with low limits would probably do the trick....  But I'm sure they will claim logistics won't allow it or some BS like that.  I have grown to hate the word "logistics."

Enough about the drama.

Platinum and Tin.  Great figures.  And it is nice to get accessories even if it is an undersized character with limited articulation.

The packaging is standard for the 2012 figures.  Mike Thompson's art graces the box and Platinum and Tin are displayed nicely.

The figures are cast in a nice metallic plastic.  Giving Platinum and Tin a great shimmer in the light.  Well designed and executed, this is a nice send off to DC Club infinite Earths 2012.

Platinum is constructed with many of the standard female DC Universe parts.  She has a newly sculpted head and obviously retooled forearms and boots with the stud/rivet look.  She also has a new "apron" that completes her Metal Men look.  She doesn't have a good range of articulation in the head or hip joints, but honestly, she doesn't need it.  Unlike a Batman figure, I don't think she needs to be super pose-able.  I will point out the lovely "made in China" stamp that is very apparent on her lower back.  China tramp stamped the hell out of her...

Tin has an amazing three points of articulation.  Yah, a little sarcasm, but considering the craptastic Dark Knight Rises 4 inch figures only have five, Tin is a pretty nice bonus.  The sculpt is spot on and the plastic choice is the same as Platinum.  Nice and shiny in the light!

"You aren't the Gold I was looking for..." 

Pics and words by Jason