Monday, January 7, 2013

Adventure Time - Lumpy Space Princess 5 inch figure

"Oh, my Glob, you guys, drama bomb!"

Lumpy space princess is, well, lumpy and from lumpy space.  She is rather annoying and is a target for many many jokes.  Sometimes she is hard to bear when she appears.  Voiced by the series creator, Pendleton Ward, she always gives a memorable line or two to poke fun of.

Her articulation isn't anywhere mind blowing... however it is better than to Ice King!  She has ball jointed shoulders and rotating wrists.  But when she is a floating bulk of lumps, what more do you need?  She is completed with her cans of beans and bindle stick!  (yes, it has a name!)  And don't forget her floating base!

The sculpt is lump on and OH... MY... GLOB!!