Thursday, January 3, 2013

3rd Party Transformers - MakeToys Green Giant - NOT Devastator


This is it folks! Our final review of the awesome 3rd party product by MakeToys, the Green Giant! We've been building up to this with our 6 previous reviews of his component parts, GG Scrapper, GG Mixmaster, GG Long Haul, GG Hook, GG Scavenger, and GG Bonecrusher. Our final review is of the big guy himself along with a few other little details I left out or discovered along the way.

Does the Green Giant live up to my hype and devastate the competition? Or does he need to start selling vegetables to make up his worth? Take a peek after the jump!

The Green Giant came packed in a beautiful box set. Unlike his precursor, the Yellow Giant, which came packed in sets of 2, Green Giant came packed all together; all six bots in one set! Beautiful. His box is adorned with all manner of pics showing of his component parts, his combined form, and his ro-bits and pieces.

Inside of the beautiful box above, we find a plain card box. It's a slip cover box with a stamp on it's front telling us what's within.

Slide the lid off of the box and inside we find the entirety of the Green Giant. His components are, for the most part, packed transformed into their Limb-modes inside a two part plastic tray. Underneath the tray, we find a bag with the Green Giant's instructions in it. The second half of the box has some very nice artwork inside... reminiscent of some type of industrial interior.

Along with his component parts, Green Giant has a few other items packed in the tray. You'll also find an alternate visor-clad head, his cannon, his forearms, chest shield, and crane for GG Hook.

The instructions are a nice heavy, gloss paper in a book format. At the center of the book, is a nicely rendered shot of the Green Giant.

The Green Giant's components had some very intricate transformations and it felt like there was a lot more thought put into them as compared to TFC's Hercules. There also seemed to be a little more thought put into incorporating some of his extra combined mode parts into the individual bots when not fully combined. One thing that I discovered was being able to use of Giant's forearms outside of his combined mode.

Remember those slots I spoke of on GG Mixmaster's mixing barrel? They certainly do have a use. Green Giant's forearms fold up and can be attached as if they were flight packs!

Starting with the forearm in it's Limb-mode, close up the fist and then open the forearm and fold the fist into it.


There are two tabs, one on either side of the 'box' that can then be tabbed into the slots on GG Mixmaster's mixing barrel. It gives GG mixmaster the look of having big Gundam like boosters.


The second way these can be used are as big "Hulk Smash!" fists for GG Scavenger. Transform GG Scavenger as you normally would but keep his arms folded. Keep the forearm pieces in their Forearm-mode but swing out the one of the small handles on either side.


I found that if you put the handles into his hands from the under-side of the hand, this works a little better.


Now... onto the Green Giant himself. For starters, I left GG Hook detached so we could get a good look at the Giant's head. This is where he really shines over TFC's Hercules.

The head that the Giant came packed with has two VERY cool features. The first is a hinged mouth allowing you to make him grimace or rage-scream.

The second feature is a hidden visor! Pop open Giant's head and slide the visor down, then close his head up. Two looks, same head! Freakin. Awesome. I personally like the 2 eyes versus the visor.

The second head that came with the Giant does not have any extra features. It is merely a head that I didn't find all that spectacular.

Throughout our previous reviews we saw that all the weapons for the individual bots come from the Giant's main gun. Basically, 6 bots, 3 different guns. 2 guns comprise the lower part of the body of the gun and it's grip. 2 guns comprise the upper body of the gun. Finally, 2 guns comprise the barrel. They all fit together neat and tight.


There is a groove towards the back of Giant's hand that help keep the gun in place.


Aside from just a BFG... Giant has a few other weapons at his disposal.

Remember those odd giant screwdrivers that GG Long Haul had? Green Giant can put those to full use. Fold up his hands into his forearms. The back of the wrist that folds out as a peg that the screwdriver/pistons can fit onto. You can either use then as Rumble-like piledrivers or use them as GIANT screwdrivers.


The other weapon that the Green Giant can use is actually made out of GG Hook's crane section. Snap on pieces from the Giant's gun to specific parts of the extended crane. It's kind of like a giant staff, club, spear thing. I'm honestly not too keen on it. I'd rather have the crane mounted on and the gun in hand.

Another thing I didn't realize until I actually looked through the instructions was that GG Hook's crane can actually fold. If you have little depth on your display shelf, this can be of value. Merely extend the crane all the way out and fold it at one of the larger points. You can see that there is a curved joint in the plastic.

The Green Giant is full of articulation. The only problem is, as with most bots of this size, his bulk can be a hindrance. I've had a little trouble with the arms staying fully plugged in to their spots on GG Hook; more with GG Scavenger versus GG Bonecrusher. His arms do have 360 degree rotation and all his hinged joints have quite the range of motion.

All in all, I'm thoroughly satisfied with the MakeToys Green Giant. Despite his weight, the articulation mostly stays unhindered and he stays combined very well. His legs don't come off unless you press the buttons that keep them in place; the same goes for the connections between GG Long Haul and GG Hook. He's chock full of details and every figure has super-crisp paint apps. The only thing he's really missing are some Decepticon shields throughout. I'm more than likely going to order a sheet from ReproLabels. I've heard nothing but good things about their products and most of the collectors I know order from them.

Why did I choose the Green Giant over Hercules? I decided to purchase this set versus the TFC Hercules based on two things, size and price point. While Hercules is definitely impressive, I feel that as compared to the rest of my combiners, he's just TOO big. He overshadows my Superion and my Bruticus and I just didn't care for that. Secondly, Green Giant was nearly half the cost. I paid just over $350 as compared to over $600. I got a figure that I was very satisfied with and didn't utterly destroy my wallet.

If my reviews have piqued your interest, you can still order your own Green Giant HERE from BBTS.

There you have it folks... the MakeToys Green Giant. Thanks for stopping in and reading. Coming soon, more Transformers reviews. But in the mean time, a few shots of the Giant with Superion and Bruticus!

Pics, review, and Constructicon Green by Scion of Primus.