Tuesday, January 1, 2013

3rd Party Transformers - MakeToys Green Giant - NOT Bonecrusher

This is it folks! Our final single figure review for the MakeToys Green Giant, our 3rd party homage to G1 Bonecrusher, the now named GG Bonecrusher! GG Bonecrusher will finish off our Green Giant giving him his final limb. MakeToys has given us some pretty spectacular bots and limbs so far and GG Bonecrusher certainly follows suit.

Does GG Bonecrusher live up to his name and crush the competition, or does he need to drink a lot more milk? Take a peek after the jump!

As with the rest of Green Giant's component parts, GG Bonecrusher comes packed in his Limb-mode set into the same plastic tray that the rest of the set comes in. We'll take a look at the packaging when we look at the Giant himself.

GG Bonecrusher's Alt-mode is that of his G1 counterpart, a bulldozer. He rolls along nicely but, unlike TFC's Neckbreaker, the dozer blade itself is pretty set and doesn't move a whole lot. There is a little up and down thanks to being mounted on some ball joints, but that's about it.

Like the rest of his compatriots, he comes molded in primarily bright Constructicon green with other parts molded in either Charcoal gray or silver/gray. The paint apps are as crisp and clean on GG Bonecrusher as they are on the rest of the team. The only thing really missing from this set are Decepticon shields. But, since this is a 3rd Party product, they can't exactly do that. I'll probably be hitting up ReproLabels in the near future just to get a sheet of logos.

Getting GG Bonecrusher to Bot-mode isn't a huge chore. His treads transform into his legs in the exact same manner as GG Scavenger's. The rest of him unfolds fairly well. The only thing I had a little trouble with was figuring out the dozer blade.

Starting from Alt-mode, I found that removing the two posts atop the blade hydraulics will help us. Just pop them off and set them to the side; we'll be using them in a bit.

Pull the blade apart down the center and rotate it upward and outward on the ball joint then swing the hydraulics up. Separate the main body of the Alt-mode from the treads by rotating it up and forward.

The limb connection post is in the same spot that it was on GG Scavenger; that is directly down the center of the undercarriage.. Fold the square connector up and snap it into place.


The legs are the same set that GG Scavenger has. Swing them outward and fold the feet out. Rotate the feet 180 degrees and fold the gray bar out to form the heel. Just past the mid-point of the tread is a section that 'breaks' that will form  the knee. 'Break' the tread at that point and rotate the legs. The small piece of tread at the end will get pushed in towards the hips and become the upper thigh.


The rear of the Alt-mode forms the arms. Unfold the arms from the center outward.

Fold the limb connection post down so the square post faces out and the round connector faces down. At it's base, fold it up to form GG Bonecrusher's back. Swing the dozer blade halves towards the rear of the figure and reconnect them. The posts that we pulled off of the tops of the hydraulics can be reattached at this point.

I found that if the posts are removed earlier, it's easier to swing the dozer blade halves around.

GG Bonecrusher's head is underneath the Alt-mode cab. Pop the cab up from the body, swing the head up, and snap the cab back into place. If the cab isn't seated properly, it just hangs there.

Swing the arms down and rotate the hands out.

Like the rest of the GG Constructicons, GG Bonecrusher is full of articulation. There are plenty of swivels and ball joints to allow you pose him in a myriad of ways. His weapon is the second half of the barrel from the Giant's combined weapon; the gray barrels slide out from the purple section. Like GG Scavenger, the weapon mounts to his forearm using a tab and slot.


According to the instructions, the posts from the hydraulics are removable for a reason. Imagine this being a Gundam and these posts are actually hilts for Beam Sabers. It's an interesting idea, but sadly GG Bonecrusher isn't packed with blades for these; basically making them blackjacks instead.

Getting GG Bonecrusher to his Limb-mode is fairly easy. It requires a little manipulation of the treads and the combined forms connector post.

Starting from Alt-mode, pop the body and the treads apart as if you were starting the transformation to Bot-mode. The connector post gets transformed like you would for Bot-mode but instead of folding it up along the body, it remains underneath the Alt-mode body. The square port should be facing out and the round post, down.

Fold the treads back in and snap the body back into place on the treads.

Snap the forearm section into the square connector port... and you have a limb.

To connect GG Boneceusher to the rest of the Green Giant; flip up the cover on the side of GG Hook revealing the round connector port. Snap the round post into the port and Green Giant is now fully armed.

Once again the size is a little puzzling. GG Bonecrusher is just about the same height as TFC's Neckbreaker. Yet in both Alt and Limb-modes, he is noticeably smaller. Towering over G1 Bonecrusher is no surprise.

GG Bonecrusher continues the quality that I've come to expect from this set. He's a solid piece that has an excellent transformation, he looks good, and feels solid. So... there you have it... all 6 of our Green Giant component parts. All we have left is to look at the Green Giant himself... plus a few little extras regarding the individual bots and some of the Giant's pieces. Stay tuned for the final part of OnePerCase's review of the MakeToys Green Giant!

Pics, review, and bonecrushing action by Scion of Primus!