Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Avengers – Original Avengers Boxed Set

One more thing to add to the Hasbro Avengers checklist today. This set has yet to make an appearance at US retail, but thanks to the help of Canadian reader slags4 over at the Rebelscum/CTR forums, I was able to acquire this set in a trade. Is this set with one new figure and three repaints (one of a really hard to find Loki) worth tracking down? Well, there are more ankle and wrist joints in this box than there are in the whole rest of the Avengers line, so you be judge.

The packaging for this set is a nice window box, and is similar to the other boxed sets in the Avengers line. Look at it. Admire it. Now tear it open and play with the figures.

Captain America is a repaint of the Super Combat Cap from the Captain America movie line. The paint job is a little less spangly and a little more Ultimates inspired with the grey pants. The blue is metallic though, which doesn’t make a lot of sense for a “fabric” costume.  The figure is nicely articulated, and the functional holster for the pistol is a nice touch, so while this figure isn't movie-accurate, it's a nice little gem on its own merit.  Just watch out for paint quality, my sample had some smearing.

Thor is a repaint of the helmeted figure from the Thor movie line. His paint job replaces much of the silver on the chest, knees and gauntlets with a light metallic blue.  Despite not being movie-accurate, like Cap above, this one looks good as its own made-up/off-screen type costume.  Articulation is again better than what you see on the actual Avengers movie figures, so functionality is there, but despite that fact and the interesting paint job, this guy is the least interesting figure in the set.  He's not bad by any means, but he's not different enough from the previous versions to really stand out as something special.

Loki is a repaint of the infamously elusive King Loki figure, also from the Thor line, and includes the throwing daggers from the Secret Strike Loki figure.  This is a sharp figure, but it is different enough from King Loki that he may not quite be an acceptable substitute for those that missed King Loki.  The gold is much lighter, the green is much darker, and there are several other color changes that make the figure less screen-accurate.  Still, this is definitely the star of the set in many ways.  The articulation is better than the current Avengers line Loki, but the sculpt isn't quite as nice.

Arctic Iron Man is a brand new figure.  Kind of.  And it's certainly perplexing.  I believe this mold was originally intended for the Iron Man 2 line, but was cancelled, so this is its debut. This figure is interesting for its large, bulky armor. As much as I want to like this figure, his unusual proportions make it difficult.  The hands and feet are actually borrowed from the 6-inch figure line. I’m not sure where anything having to do with the arctic comes into play here, but the armor looks like it can kick some ass from here to the north pole and back. The paint job is mostly done well, aside from the fact that his eyes look like they’re sliding down his face. Hasbro’s famous quality control at work. Still, this is a decent figure featuring the full range of articulation that was common in the Iron Man 2 line.  His accessory is an oddity though.  It's essentially a hover board (maybe a snowboard?) with a missile launcher, that also plugs into the figure's back.  Very strange.  I was more excited about this figure before I had him in hand.  He doesn't seem to really fit in with either the 4" or 6" figures.

Over all, this set is a real niche offering. None of the figures are even remotely movie or comic accurate, so you shouldn’t feel any pressure to buy the set for that sake, and that will make it easily passable for some.  It definitely falls firmly in the "concept series" category.  If you’re a sucker for repaints, or if you’re one of the many that never got, but still wants, King Loki, this set may be irresistible. Or, if like me, you’re a sucker for new Iron Man armors, this set will also be very tempting. I don’t regret adding it to my collection, but as with all Hasbro products, beware the paint quality.

Time will tell if we see a US release, but for now, this set is only available through Toys R Us in Canada. Happy hunting.  (And thanks again to Slags4 for helping me out with this set!)

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