Friday, December 7, 2012

Hasbro Amazing Spider-Man Walmart Exclusive Unmasked Spidey

Déjà vu. I feel like I’ve been reviewing a lot of Amazing Spider-Man figures lately. Oh wait, that’s because I have. And like the Disney Store exclusive, Walmart also has an unmasked Spidey exclusive to their shelves. Albeit this one is Marvel Legends scale instead of Select scale. Is this guy worth adding yet another Spider-Man to the Web of your collection?

We first saw this figure at SDCC 2012, as he was announced as being the sole figure in the second wave of Walmart’s exclusive 6-inch line in support of the recent movie.

The packaging is nothing Spectacular. It’s basically the same as the rest of this 6-inch line. Movie inspired art and bio, yadda yadda. This guy doesn’t look bad on card, though.

When this figure was shown at SDCC, he was actually a completely different body sculpt than the version included in the first wave (you can also see this in the photo on the back of the card above). For once though, I’m glad Hasbro cheaped out and re-used the body from the first wave figure. It looks more proportionately correct, and more accurate to the movie. The body first shown for the unmasked figure had a smooth, un-textured look to parts of his suit, and his thighs were too beefy.

As I mentioned when reviewing the Wave 1 figure, I’m generally impressed with this sculpt, but it’s not without its drawbacks, such as the “etched” web lines instead of sculpted. The swapable masked head is the same sculpt as before, including the eyes that are too far up on the face, making him look like an alien. And this guy actually has different hands than the first version, so no thwippy hand this time. But the body itself is still pretty Amazing. The new Andrew Garfield head looks great, and bears a better likeness to the actor than Marvel Select’s version (which to me, still looks too old to be the version of Peter Parker portrayed by Garfield). In general, this body is more lean and teenager-like than the Select version, which was too muscular and broad.

The paint on this figure is pretty good. No major smudging or mistakes on mine. The paint detail on the spider emblem on the chest is pretty sharp, and the face is painted nicely, with good detail in the eyes and hair. The only thing that could’ve made the head better would be if it were molded in flesh colored plastic rather than painted flesh-tone. The body could’ve benefited from a nice dark wash to bring out the details in the sculpt, but that might be asking for a bit much. Overall, while this figure doesn’t include the “premium” metallic paint job of one of the Disney exclusives, I think this one looks better and more true to the movie suit.

Let’s look at accessories. I’m generally pretty pleased when Hasbro includes multiple accessories with a figure, and even more so when they include a figure stand, but I feel like they missed the mark just a little here. In addition to the swapable head, we also get a stand, a skateboard, and a back pack, which includes an elastic strap to hold the skateboard. Sounds pretty good, right? On paper it is. But, the backpack looks too big and bulky, not to mention, too cartoony. The skateboard doesn’t include any way for Pete to actually stay on it or ride it, so it’s basically a decoration (although a clear rubber band like those used in most figures' packaging works as an easy fix, as seen in some of these photos). So while I appreciate these two accessories, they’re basically useless to me. A foot peg (or two) on the board would’ve been nice. I would’ve even settled for that counting as the figure stand, and them keeping the connect-y stand out of it.

Also, I’m a little bummed that this figure doesn’t include any webbing, or a thwippy hand to use it. Those are the only two elements included with the first figure that AREN’T included here. If Hasbro had included a couple web lines and a swapable thwippy hand, they could’ve given us everything in one package, negating the need for two releases, and avoiding what we’re seeing now… a LOT of the first Spidey clogging pegs at Walmart preventing this second wave from getting distributed. I’d be willing to bet that Hasbro would sell a LOT more of one awesome figure with all the accessories than they will of two separate decent figures, where the over-abundance of the first is preventing the second from reaching shelves.

So, if you don’t want to buy ALL the different Amazing Spidey figures that have come out this year, which one should you get? Well, I like them all, for different reasons. But after adding this one to my shelf, I think I like him just a little better than the Marvel Select version, mostly because he looks more accurate to the movie.

This figure has not shown up in stores yet, to my knowledge, but has been available on for a few weeks now.