Friday, December 28, 2012

Adventure Time - Marceline 5 inch figure

Adventure Time.  I hated it for 6 months catching glimpses of it while my kids had it on Cartoon Network.  I was tortured by it at SDCC by Kevin.  Seriously, magic beans that produced two good pods and one evil pod comtaining pigs, Glittery magic wands, and Ice Cream?  Not to mention the pods looked a nutsack.

Hated it.  Then...  I loved it.  Great characters and development fill the show with a depth many live-action shows and movies fail to achieve.  A 12 minute episode is now a must watch ASAP!

Marceline The Vampire Queen voiced by the lovely Olivia Olson breaks into song quite often.  Some of my favorite moments are the heart felt songs in the show.  Oh, and wields the family axe which apparently she turned into a bass.  

I found her at my LCS (local comic shop) at a high price of $17.99.  YIKES.  However, the after Christmas sale brought it down 30% and made it quite affordable.  Adding her to my collection was a no brainer!  Now, keep in mind Jazwares  makes quite breakable toys with tiny joints that break often.  I can't tell you how many Sonic figures my son has broken without heavy play.  So be careful!  I actually stumbled upon a how to fix your Finn figure by using Monster High joints while looking for youtube videos for my daughter.  It really it surprising that Jazwares hasn't found a good plastic that bends more than it breaks...  I didn't place her in dynamic poses or even try to move her legs very much for fear of breakage!

She also has 2 accessories: her Axe and an extra head, monster style!  And don't forget the flying stand/base!  However, the sculpt has her able to hold the Axe in a mirror!  The hands aren't designed to hold it!  Sad...  but the strap allows forgiveness in posing.  I do appreciate the extra head, but my Marceline isn't the psycho faced one!

You can find her on BBTS for preorder: Marceline The Vampire Queen!

Words and pics by Jason